Friday, June 23, 2006

Yet another wake-up call for Britain

The pro-Muslim, pro-multicultural propaganda we are fed by the likes of the government and the BBC is working. Non-Muslim Britain refuses to accept that more and more British Muslims hate British society.
Public opinion in Britain is mostly favourable towards Muslims, but the feeling is not requited by British Muslims, who are among the most embittered in the western world, according to a global poll published yesterday...

Less than a third of British non-Muslims said they viewed Muslims as violent, significantly fewer than non-Muslims in Spain (60%), Germany (52%), the US (45%) and France (41%).

By contrast, the poll found that British Muslims represented a "notable exception" in Europe, with far more negative views of westerners than Islamic minorities elsewhere on the continent. A significant majority viewed western populations as selfish, arrogant, greedy and immoral. Just over half said westerners were violent. While the overwhelming majority of European Muslims said westerners were respectful of women, fewer than half British Muslims agreed. Another startling result found that only 32% of Muslims in Britain had a favourable opinion of Jews, compared with 71% of French Muslims.

Across the board, Muslim attitudes in Britain more resembled public opinion in Islamic countries in the Middle East and Asia than elsewhere in Europe. And on the whole, British Muslims were more pessimistic than those in Germany, France and Spain about the feasibility of living in a modern society while remaining devout.

The Pew poll found that British Muslims are far more likely than their European counterparts to harbour conspiracy theories about the September 11 attacks. Only 17% believed that Arabs were involved, compared with 48% in France.

There was general agreement that relations are bad, but Britons as a whole were much less likely than other Europeans to blame Muslims. More Britons faulted westerners (27%) than Muslims (25%), with a third saying both are equally responsible. British Muslims were less ambivalent. Nearly half blamed westerners.
And while the indigenous British are guilt-tripped into blaming themselves for society's ills, the government encourages more immigration. Here's Frank Field, also in today’s Guardian:
From 1993 there has been a consistent pattern of inward migration out-numbering outward migration. This difference has grown dramatically. In 1994, for example, while 191,000 people left this country, there were 253,000 people who came here to live. A decade later, the scale of the figures have been transformed. In 2004, the latest available data, 359,000 people left this country while 582,000 settled here, giving an overall change in the total of the population of over 940,000 within a single year. These data do not include illegal entrants.

If the present rate continues, the impact over as short a period as a five-year parliament will be dramatic. The current annual rate of newcomers is the equivalent of over eight parliamentary constituencies - or 41 over the life of a parliament. Each year Britain loses the equivalent of seven parliamentary constituencies, or 26 over the life of a five-year parliament. This rate of migration cannot be maintained without the most profound changes occurring in our society, and particularly, given where we know migrants first live, in our poorest areas.
From the 2001 census:
Households headed by a Muslim are more likely than other households to contain children. Around two thirds (63 per cent) contained at least one dependent child in 2001, compared with around a quarter of Jewish (25 per cent) and Christian (27 per cent) households.

Muslim households also contained the highest number of children. A quarter (25 per cent) of Muslim households contained three or more dependent children, compared with 14 per cent of Sikh, 7 per cent of Hindu, and 5 per cent of Christian households.
What could possibly go wrong?

Update 3pm. Here are a couple of graphs from Pew, the pollsters quoted in the above Guardian article. The Guardian neglected to mention that 1 in 4 British Muslims (and 1 in 3 French Muslims) believe that suicide bombings against civilian targets can be justified.


Blogger Charles Martel said...

no wonder British Muslims are so anti-western - just look at all the anti-Western crap that the BBC spouts out everyday.

privatise the BBC - if only, for national security reasons.

2:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but (WRINGS HANDS) why do that hate us? It must be something we did in the er, 11th century! Or Iraq! Or colonialism! Tell you what, let's apologise for all of it and then they might like us again.

Actually, bollocks to that. Let's tell Muslims what most of us think: that they're here now, and they should love it or fucking leave it.

3:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently, only 17 per cent of British Muslims believe that Arabs carried out the 911 attacks.

What about the 83 per cent? Who do they think were responsible?

4:16 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who do the remaining Muslims think perpetrated the outrage? Israel and the Jews, of course.

Charles Martell - I would actually kill off the BBC entirely. Don't bother with privatisation. Get rid of it. It's toxic waste. Bury it.

And yes, the Muslims should be told if they don't like our country, they are free to move back to the delights of Dar-es-Islam. When they leave, they should have to provide a mouth swab of their DNA so that they cannot ever get back in.

BTW, what is the government going to do when all the achieving, educated Brits have emigrated and all that's left in the wash is the Muslims?

5:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One contributory factor to the way UK muslims view us is the areas they tend to live. If a person's only direct view of our society is our drugs-using, violent and anti-social inner-city underclass (see anything ever written by Theodore Dalrymple) they are bound to form a poor impression.

9:34 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dmdavies - "If a person's only direct view of our society is our drugs-using, violent and anti-social inner-city underclass (see anything ever written by Theodore Dalrymple) they are bound to form a poor impression."

Fine, if they have a poor impression of our country, they should follow the Exit signs. No one will try to persuade them to stay. Why don't they just go? Welfare.

The Muslim Council and all those other special interest groups are a large part of the problem and should be disbanded. Muslims born in Britain, and legal immigrants, have the same access to their MP as everyone else does. There is absolutely no reason for these special pleading groups other than divisiveness. That new chap, Bari, at the Muslim Council is a real ticket.

6:08 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just look a the Nigerian poll results. eye popping.

12:58 am  

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