Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ex-Reuters man investigates propaganda!

If anyone should know about jihadi propaganda, it’s the former chief of Reuters' Middle East bureau. From the Press Gazette:
Video footage is now as important a weapon as plastic explosives or guns in the war in Iraq and the global jihad movement, former Reuters Middle East bureau chief Paul Eedle has claimed.

In Jihad TV, a documentary to be broadcast on Channel 4 next week, Eedle investigates the jihadi propaganda machine and its impact on young Arabs and young British Muslims…

Eedle said that he had been following the propaganda videos on the internet since 9/11. He added: "They have built in quantity, particularly with the war in Iraq, but we hardly ever look at them on our television, except in very small clips. It seemed valuable to look at them in more detail, see what they really say and try to work out what impact they are having."

While Eedle argued such videos where important to Al Qaeda because "it is as much a media war as it is a military war", he said, in practice, jihadi propaganda may actually be having far less effect than the ordinary mainstream television news that people in the Arab world are watching on television every day. He said: “You don't need to turn to a jihadi video to see images of bodies being taken from the rubble of an Israeli air strike in Gaza, or South Lebanon.
I wonder if Eedle's documentary will mention all the fake and stage-managed images produced by stringers working for agencies like... er.. Reuters.


Anonymous Recusant said...

I think a flavour of which direction he might be coming from might be found in a list of the named employees of his company: - -;
Managing Director: Paul Eedle studied Arabic and Islamic History at Cambridge and having travelled to the Middle East learning Arabic decided to become a journalist after visiting Lebanon during the civil war. Paul has reported from 24 countries. He ran Reuters news operations in Japan and the Americas and helped to start the independent Iraqi news agency, Aswat al-Iraq.

Development Producer: Huda Abuzeid

Associate Producers: Zeina Aboulhosn, Farah Dakhlallah

Administrator: Bithaj Ajana

2:14 pm  
Blogger Whispering_Jack said...

"You don't need to turn to a jihadi video to see images of bodies being taken from the rubble of an Israeli air strike in Gaza, or South Lebanon.”

Wilbur Post on The Blank Pages of the Age

makes a good point about this.

If one Pakistani air strike on a mudrassar using three helicopters can cause 80 deaths, then the IAF which launched hundreds of air strikes a day would have caused manifold the number of casualties in the 34 day war with Hezbollah if its objective was the indiscriminate killing of civilians.

The fact is that the Israelis were telling the truth when they said they took care to minimize civilian deaths in Lebanon and it's because of this that the enemy needed to conjure up all those fake and stage-managed images.

6:01 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled over your blog and I must say I take great offence to you making assumptions about my political perspectives based on my name. Then again, based on the opinions you've expressed on this blog, I'm not surprised. Yours, Farah Dakhlallah.

10:48 pm  

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