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"BBC Somali service accused of abetting Islamic Courts"

"Why is the BBC silent about the Bu'aale massacre?" (Via

From SomaliNet (hat tip Alan in the comments at Biased BBC):
BBC Somali service accused of abetting Islamic Courts

Many Somalis who depend on BBC's Somali service for their daily news dose were outraged when the service decided not to cover a recent massacre in a small town in southern Somalia. At least four wounded militia men were killed in their hospital beds by Islamic Courts' men. The courts apologized numerous times and promised a complete and impartial investigation. So far BBC Somali Service, the farthest reaching Somali language and publicly funded radio did not even mention this verified main event.

Somalia's renowned artist who is always critical to Somali politicians and Ethiopian government pitched in and dedicated his Tuesday's cartoon to the killings and BBC's silence. The caption Mr. Amin Amir's above cartoon says "Why is BBC silent about Buale's massacre. Unconfirmed reports say the families of the victims contacted the highest level of the BBC Somali service to no avail.

Many believe BBC Somali service has always been partial and inaccurate while though minority, many think it is actually part of Somalia's problem.
This next bit is intriguing:
SomaliNet has a concrete prove with images that shows BBC Somali Service management going out of their way to suppress other news agencies who reported a different version of one of their reports. The incident happened in early 2000 when Mr. Husein Mohamed Aidid and his militia fought with another militia loyal to then interim president Abdiqasim Salad Hassan at Mogadishu seaport. The service has many critics and this information could be misused if it went to the wrong hands. It will however be told after the current management's tenure is over.
Also from SomaliNet:
Hundreds of angry protestors have on Tuesday rallied in Abudwaq town of Galgadud region in central Somalia in protest of the recent brutal act by the Islamic fighters in which they executed four wounded men who were belonging to the militia loyal to Colonel Bare Hirale, the leader of former defeated Juba Valley Alliance and minister of interim government based in Baidoa city in southwest Somalia.

The demonstrators were complaining about the Islamist killing acts to wounded prisons of war in Bu'ale city, the capital of middle Juba region in southern Somalia.

Gunmen of Islamic Courts entered the hospital where they had killed the injured militiamen who were laying on beds.

The people in Abudwaq who were taking part in the protest were chanting anti Islamist slogans and burnt the sort of turbans knows with Islamic fighters to wear. This shows mounting hatred to Islamic Courts and lessens the support for Islamists.

Update - more on this here.


Anonymous smtm said...

Until when are the people of this land going to keep on paying the license fee to this biased and corrupt BBC?

It's time to say enough is enough, NO MORE FEE until the BBC cleans itself up or the government steps in.

2:32 pm  
Anonymous sparky said...

So the way to address bias in the media is for the govt to take over, smtm?

Well, I guess it is one way. Come back and play with the big kids when you've thought this through.

2:51 pm  
Anonymous Anat said...

Well, Sparky, I think you are the one who hasn't thought this through.

Free press essentially goes hand in hand with free market, allowing you to choose whether to pay for the Grauniad or the Telegraph. But where the public is forced to pay through its elected government, this is a different matter altogether.

6:48 pm  
Anonymous max said...

I followed Alan's google link at the time and found this interesting bit; an open letter from the Somali Hisrorical Society of North America to the BBC. It's from 2001.
This HornAfrik Radio project investment was originally sponsored by the European Union and the BBC World Service in cooperation with the BBC Somali Section, but subsequently, it sadly has become a 50% owned investment by Mr. Yusuf-Garaad Omar. By how we don't know, but would the BBC World Service leadership come clean? The ownership of this HornAfrik Radio project is a clear cut case of CONFLICT OF INTEREST that neither the BBC World Service nor the BBC Somali Section has confronted. This
HornAfrik Radio project has consumed almost all EU $1,500,000 donated investment funds originally intended for all regions of Somalia. Not a bad rate of return on investment! And Mr. Omar continues his battle on the BBC airwaves and his cohorts on HornAfrik Radio to support certain political faction and alienate others...

...Today, the BBC Somali Section airwaves in combination with HornAfrik Radio are used to pit one innocent Somali group against another. It has prolonged the Somali civil war.


7:09 pm  
Anonymous archduke said...

something is up - and its in somalia, and i doesnt feel right. god only knows what else the BBC are hiding from us.

10:04 pm  
Anonymous archduke said...

"HornAfrik Radio project has consumed almost all EU $1,500,000 donated investment funds "

oh for f***ks sake. the EU , again. throwing our money around and thus causing even bigger problems.

will they ever learn?

10:08 pm  
Blogger Monty said...

It seems to me the BBC is hiding things in Thailand too.

I made that point on B-BBC earlier with a link to my comment about the BBC's desire to make the previous Thai government look bad and the Islamists the poor oppressed minority.

Now they are unsure what to say because the offer of the Thai military-appointed PM to make nice with the terrorists has failed to stop the attacks.

It is a confused outlook from the BBC worldview.

10:14 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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