Saturday, November 11, 2006

Barot - Cultural Learnings of Islam for Make Benefit Glorious Slaughter of Infidel

Apologies for not warning you all that I was going to be away again this week.

Still, didn’t miss much, eh? (Ahem)

I’ve spent most of today learning how to use Windows Movie Maker. Here’s my first effort, recently uploaded to YouTube.

(Update. If you get a "Not available" message try clicking a couple more times - seems to work apparently. I haven't removed the video, that's for sure.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This video is no longer available"

Hey it must be great - I want to see this! Please post again on a non-PC video site.

11:09 pm  
Blogger CarnackiUK said...

I had no trouble seeing it. This is your first attempt? It's great! We need shorts like this to warn people and wake them from their somnambulism. What was it Jean Luc Godard and his like used to say about films: "The Truth at 24 frames a second!"

Keep fighting the Good Fight!

11:23 pm  
Anonymous max said...

It is a good effort. You have a talent for editing that's for sure.

12:02 am  
Anonymous JohnM233 said...

Video Number 1. Congratulations.

I wonder if you have noticed that 'Barot' is an anagram of 'To Bar'!


1:05 am  
Blogger permanentexpat said...

Good effort, good editing. Hope you are able to make many more.....How many did Manningham-Buller say?

3:23 am  
Anonymous Rob said...

yes, reat work, DFH. Loved the soundtrack, too!

6:26 am  
Anonymous anonymoose said...

Our chief (non-lethal) weapon is just making them look ridiculous.
Good work.

6:42 am  
Anonymous verity said...

I second all the comments above, and especially agree with Anonymoose. Although I think we should employ lethal weapons, too. Guns would be good.

1:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like much. Yes. You produce more, yes?

11:14 am  
Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...

I laughed so much I spat out my fermented goats piss!

12:38 pm  

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