Sunday, October 15, 2006

Woolas: Sack her

The controversy over Muslim women wearing veils escalated after the Government's race minister demanded the sacking of a Muslim teaching assistant who insisted on the garment.

Phil Woolas said Aishah Azmi was "denying the right of children to a full education", and had put herself in a position where she could not "do her job".

It also amounted to "sexual discrimination" for Ms Azmi to refuse to work with men, he added.
Well said, Phil.

And there's a fine rant about the veil at Making Headlines.

Update. From AKI (via USS Neverdock):
The niqab, a Muslim headdress that leaves only the eyes exposed, is not a religious object, Egypt's religion minister said Friday, entering the debate started by British ex-minister Jack Straw, who said he asked Muslim women visiting him to show their faces to facilitate dialogue. "Nor is the niqab a duty deriving from the Sharia" added Mohammad Hamdi Zaqzouq.


Anonymous Sickof thisMuzziCrap said...

India Knight had an article about this whole Muslim veil malarkey awhile ago...and I was quite tempted to rip the article out and wipe my ass with it. If I read just one more article by some ignorant cunt who claims to be an expert on Middle Eastern issues or Islamic issues simply because he/she "lived there so I should know" I will fucking puke ! India Knight throws in that little line about her father or mother being Hindu or Muslim or whatever the heck way around it was ( My eyesight starts to fail me when my blood is boiling) to somehow lend credibility to her completely ignorant babbling about how life truly is for Muslim women and how great they really have it and how we Westerners just don't understand because we've never lived in a Muslim country. The fact that you lived there means absolutely nothing and gives your silly opinion no added weight. I lived in Iran for 10 years and yet I don't claim to be an expert on Iran, or Islam (although I think I know a little bit...) She ridicules people who think that wearing a veil is "forced" and argues that many women do so willingly....where? In Iran if you don't wear the veil you'll get stoned, or spat on, or have acid thrown at your face, or get thrown in jail, or name're making a big stink about your "freedom to wear a veil if you choose to" whereas in the countries where Sharia Law rules it's anything but a "freedom". It's compulsory. It's a symbol of oppression. And if you lived in a Muslim country you'd know that you fool. The Muslims are not the new Jews, you ignorant cow. They are not the victims, they are the case you hadn't noticed. They are the ones who are threatening to kill (and actually ARE killing) any non-believing infidels, they are the ones who are completely intolerant of any non-Muslim views and incapable of dealing with even the slightest bit of criticism without soiling themselves & frothing at the mouth...and then you have the bloody audacity to claim that Muslims are the ones who are being persecuted and that Muslims are somehow the "new Jews" ?? You stupid ignorant cunt.. I will never buy the Times again as long as they allow such absolute rubbish to masquerade as journalism.

10:16 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

Now that's a rant!

8:00 pm  

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