Sunday, October 08, 2006

Robin Hood

The BBC’s much-hyped Robin Hood series began last night. Here's the Scotsman preview from Friday:
After five bloody years fighting what he ultimately saw as a misguided conflict in the Holy Land, this Robin (played by relative newcomer Jonas Armstrong) returns to England as a disenchanted and tormented war veteran… The most telling aspect of 2006 reflected in this Robin Hood is the fact that, having been traumatised by what he witnessed in an unnecessary war, our hero now has an aversion to killing.
And this comes from yesterday's Hollywood Reporter:
When Maid Marian confronts Sir Guy over plans to execute Robin without trial, their argument sounds like a current debate over prisoners at Guantanamo.
Via Allan_D in the comments at Biased BBC, some dialogue from the opening episode:
"How many years have you been here?"
"Three years four winters."
"And yet you still do not have the respect of the populous."
"How was the Holy Land?"
"I understand the King is winning."
"He’s killing more people."
"Is that not winning?"
"Show me an argument ever settled with bloodshed then I’ll call it winning."
"You of all people should know the King needs funds to fight a holy war."
"Is it our Holy War or is it Pope Gregory’s?"
"We stand shoulder to shoulder with Rome."
"And we fall shoulder to shoulder too, I have seen it."
Subtle, eh?

I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the BBC toyed with having an Imam Tuck (as it is Friar Tuck does appear, but only in later episodes - apparently there was much PC concern (scroll down) over the idea of a fat person being a figure of fun.)

Reactions from the BBC message boards:
This episode was titled, "Would you put up with this?" (or something like that). I decided "no" after five minutes.

A load of dull crap.

How can you take a story like Robin Hood and ruin it? Answer: Get the BBC to make it.

It made Kevin Costner's film version look like a work of genius.

What a load of crap! After all the trailers- is this what we're paying good money for?

AWFUL! Sorry for my lack of eloquence at this moment but I am currently in shock. The episode is the biggest turkey I have seen in a long while.

Now I know why the master tapes for Robin Hood were returned, the thieves must have watched them… How can the BBC justify their claims for yet another extortionate licence fee increase when they produce shows of such poor quality as this.

That was terrible, just terrible. I cannot believe I did not anticipate the dire consequences of those few words "A contemporary take".

God it was awful.
I resent the 45 minutes I've just wasted.
Where to start?
The unfunny Jar Jar Binks style comedy sidekick?
The unsubtle Iraq war references?
The god knows how many different accents in the same area?
And judging by the number of comments on the subject, the sound appears to have been rubbish too.

Still, at least someone is happy:
"This Robin hits the mark." - Socialist Worker.


Anonymous verity said...

Well, you're not going to get rid of the Soviet-style state broadcasting company under Dave. His advisors probably watched the episode and took notes.

I think Farage is making a good fist of persuading the voters to use their vote radically and vote for UKIP.

2:17 pm  
Anonymous JuliaM said...

"Robin Hood debut hits 8.2 million" the Beeb has on its News page:

Yeah, well, lets see next week's viewing figures before crowing too much, guys.....

6:54 pm  

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