Friday, October 20, 2006

Naughtie joins Pilger in Bush is Stupid hilarity

'Bush is stupid' jokes are par for the course for someone like Pilger, but how can the BBC justify its own journalists joining in?

It’s extremely rare for a Today presenter to butt in and comment during a colleague’s interview but James “Bush Derangement Syndrome” Naughtie couldn’t resist this morning. During a discussion about Bush’s recent comments on the Tet offensive, Carolyn Quinn (I think, but possibly Sarah Montague) asked John Pilger (who else?) what he thought Bush meant...
Pilger: Who knows what he meant? (Laughs)
Interviewer: (Laughs)
Naughtie : (Laughs) Can he remember?
Pilger: I watched it. I don’t think he knew really what country he was in. I doubt whether he’d heard of the Tet Offensive.
Listen to the clip - mp3 (40 secs) or hear the full piece as streaming audio (the Pilger interview begins 2:50 in)

Ex-BBC reporter Robin Aitken commented on the anti-Bush editorial line of the Today programme in a Telegraph interview last year:
“Last autumn, Today sent Jim Naughtie over to Washington to cover what they imagined would be the defeat of America’s knuckle-dragging President,” he says.

“And what did we hear? Jim reporting Bush’s re-election through gritted teeth. Honestly, it would have taken a heart of stone not to laugh.”
This morning's intervention from Naughtie shows they've now dropped all pretence of objectivity.

[And the BBC can't claim this was just a slip of the tongue, as they did when Naughtie referred to the Labour Party as "we" during an interview with Ed Balls (mp3).]


Anonymous max said...

Speaking of Pilger.

And Natalie has a lot more on this show:

3:07 pm  
Anonymous verity said...

For James Naughtie. Here's how stupid and blundering George Bush is: He was the first in history to be elected Governor of Texas twice in a row. Texas has a population of 23m. They thought he did a good job and listened to the people. They thought he was an effective chief executive.

He was elected President of the United States twice in a row. The US has a population of 300m.

These four victories weren't mistakes. People saw what he could do and liked the way he governed. He is one of the few leaders anywhere who surrounds himself with very smart people, and acknowledges that some of them are smarter than him. This is not an egoist or small-minded man.

While he was making his first bid for the Presidency, he and George Schultz went to Stamford University for some reason or other and they met the Proctor, Condoleezza Rice. They all dined together. As they were returning to Texas, Bush said to Schultz, "If we win, I want her on the team."

What has James Naughtie ever done but burble socialist spite over the airwaves for - how many years? Small-minded malice and drivel, drivel, drivel.

5:50 pm  
Anonymous verity said...

PS - George W was also a fighter pilot in the Reserves. And he has degrees from both Yale and Harvard and has a better grade record than leftie darling Al Gore.

And father George H was a fighter pilot in WWII and was injured.

Quite a family of stupid non-achievers, eh?

7:28 pm  

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