Thursday, October 05, 2006

Israeli EmbassyMuslim PC update

The BBC updates the story about the policeman excused Israeli embassy duty:
...Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner Paul Stephenson said the move followed a risk assessment and was "not about political correctness"...
Yeah, not much it wasn't.
The Association of Muslim Police Officers said it had been a "welfare issue" not a political one - with the officer having a Syrian father and a Lebanese wife...

The association said Pc Basha had asked to be excused from his duties because he felt "uncomfortable and unsafe".
I'm sure his colleagues would like to use that excuse too.
The Metropolitan Police Authority, which has also asked for a report, said officers often had to undertake duties where the subject conflicted with their personal beliefs.

But MPA member Peter Herbert said the row was a "ridiculous fuss about nothing" and attacked Sir Ian over an "unwise judgement" on opting so quickly for a review.

'Sensible' request

"From a security point of view, the Met would be seriously criticised if this guy has relatives in Lebanon and his picture was used around the world to demonstrate the irony about having a Muslim defending the Israeli embassy in the UK."
From the MPA bio of Peter Herbert:
A barrister and chair of the Society of Black Lawyers, Peter is a campaigning human rights advocate…
Say no more. If I worked for the BBC he'd be the first person I'd try to get a quote from too.


Anonymous verity said...

Pc Basha had asked to be excused from his duties because he felt "uncomfortable and unsafe".

Oh, dear. I wonder how the Roman Catholics, if any were on duty, felt about the muzzie hate-filled demonstration outside Westminster Cathedral holding their signs that read "Pope go to hell" and similar insults and threats. Especially as they may have had family that lived near muslims.

If the jar of jelly known as Ian Blair doesn't put a lighted rocket up that cop's backside and blast him out of the force, I hope and trust his fellow police constables will freeze him out.

What a piece of garbage this "man" is.

7:37 pm  
Anonymous verity said...

Do you think Blair's attitude would have been similarly accommodating if the Israeli Embassy had requested that no Islamic police officers be on duty outside?

8:47 pm  
Anonymous archduke said...

i've heard its something to do with his family in Lebanon. i'd probably do the same - i wouldnt want my family being threatened by the now emboldened hezbollah crazies over what is essentially, just a friggin' job at the end of the day.

of course, Al-Beeb, by only giving you half the story because of its utter rot of political correctness, has instead managed to make the policeman a figure of ridicule and hatred - when there's really a very straight, honest and downright sad human story behind this.

9:12 pm  
Anonymous archduke said...

"and unsafe"

cast your mind back folks to Northern Ireland - and how Catholic RUC (the northern ireland police) members were treated.

i would guess that PC Basha lives in a Muslim area in London. Even without the Lebanon angle, it doesnt take a genius to figure out whats going on here. We have, effectively, a re-run of Northern Ireland, where Catholic RUC members were hounded out of the police force during the establishment of IRA ghettoes.
This is what is happening - and this is the start - THAT is why Ian Blair has ordered an inquiry. Bear in mind that the copper signed up to the Diplomatic Protection Service - so he KNEW himself what his duties would be.

Which says to me that he signed up, and something or somebody else either in Lebanon or in his Muslim community leant on him, big time.

Lets face it - if he was a Jihadist infiltrator, he'd be all too happy to guard the Israeli embassy (and let the other Jihadists in with their truck bomb)

9:20 pm  
Anonymous verity said...

His wife's from Lebanon. So what? And his sister lives in the ME somewhere. I would imagine some Jewish police officers have family in Israel. So what? They signed on to protect the public. I've never heard of anything so stupid.

If someone had indeed been leaning on him, he should have reported it to his superior and let the police service sort out that person.

He said he was "uncomfortable". This is where Blair's thought fascism has brought Britain. No one has to do anything if it makes them "uncomfortable". I hope all of our great and clever Jewish doctors have taken note of this and will not be treating islamics henceforth.

Due to their vile habit of first cousin marriages, Pakistanis account for 30% of all birth defects in the NHS. So that should free up quite a lot of time for Jewish doctors who specialise in birth defects.

Jewish workers in the rescue services should also note.

9:45 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every plod, on acceptance into the force takes a vow of loyalty to the crown, not to islam, or his parents, or other states!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Liar Bliar knows this, so do the beeb assholes

10:54 pm  
Anonymous verity said...

Islamics can renege on their vows if reneging is in the service of islam. These primitive tribal codes just aren't congruent with life in civilisation. They've proven time and again that they just cannot get along in an enlightened society. They've proved it here, the United States, France, Holland, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Australia.

11:08 pm  
Anonymous La Boheme said...

Archduke, after listening to reports all day I have come to the same conclusion as you.

Initially, I thought (and indeed argued on another medium) that this officer should resign; that bigotry of any kind be it religious or racist should not be tolerated within the police force BUT I now think that despite the frantic spinning by the Met etc that this particular officer had, as you say, been leant on. That the concern over his 'welfare' was the threat from extremist Islamic groups.

12:01 am  
Anonymous verity said...

la boheme - then this has to come out into the daylight. They must not be allowed to import the murky politics of the dark alleys of the souks into democracies.

Daylight and fresh air, if indeed this was the case. We need to know at once, while the case is still immediate, and we need to know that the police are on the case and in control, and we need to know that this officer and his family are in a safe house.

We need to be advised of the danger of people leaning on muslim officers, and we need to know that the Met is on it. Unless we know this, I am not convinced. I do not take anything on trust from Ian Blair's Met.

2:13 am  
Blogger rexie said...

It seems the family in Lebanon (if widely interpreted which muslims tend to) includes our old friend Omar Bakri Mohammed who is Omar-Basha's father-in-law's brother-in-law! -;jsessionid=1IFBDOXTCKBMFQFIQMFSFF4AVCBQ0IV0?xml=/news/2006/10/06/npc06.xml

I am sure none of us would want Bakri to come to any harm on account of his brother-in-law's son-in-law's posting at the Israeli embassy

8:59 am  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

"From a security point of view, the Met would be seriously criticised if this guy has relatives in Lebanon and his picture was used around the world to demonstrate the irony about having a Muslim defending the Israeli embassy."

Huh? The Met would be criticised for having a Muslim man helping to protect the Israeli Embassy?

The irony? Hold on, isn't this what multicultural is supposed to be about? That Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, Animists and Jedis should be able, and should be encouraged, to hold prominent positions in society?

Is Herbert suggesting that it would be embarrassment to the UK and the Met if the world knew that a Muslim was protecting the Israeli Embassy?

What is he, some kind of Islamophobe?

9:09 am  
Anonymous Umbongo said...

Oh dear Oh dear how complicated - now we read that PC Basha was actually "married by Omar Bakri Mohammed" the well-known moderate cleric.

This is not, on the face of it, a case analogous to Catholics being hounded out of the RUC: this started out as a moral objection by PC Basha. (Remember the first reports of this in the Sun as reported on the BBC website . These grounds were swiftly changed by muslim PR organisations - in which I am tempted to include the Met - to a "welfare 'n' safety" issue).

I don't recall (although I stand to be corrected) Catholic members of the RUC being relieved from duty protecting Orange lodges: it was pretty gutsy, I would imagine, being a Catholic policeman at all in the RUC since he and his family would probably have been subject to abuse from both his co-religionists and Protestant colleagues.

11:45 am  
Anonymous Umbongo said...

Sorry - the BBC website is

11:47 am  
Anonymous archduke said...

umbongo - i take back everything i have said above

"Cop was married by Omar Bakri"

the Met police have a LOT to answer for.

1:07 pm  
Anonymous JuliaM said...

Scanned that last post too quickly & thought it said "Cop was married to Omar Bakri"...! :0

2:22 pm  
Anonymous verity said...

juliam - That is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh.

4:21 pm  

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