Monday, October 02, 2006

Injured Para Accosted

Muslim accosts injured Para in hospital


Some comments from the Army Rumour Service (ARRSE).

>"my Muslim brothers in Afghanistan" - I would push for the 'brother' who said this to be forcibly reunited with his 'family' in Afghanistan

>Isnt it possible to at least put a Sentry on their wards to Protect them from such things?

>But how would the sentry protect the ward?

Laying his hands on the protestor would almost certainly lead to a charge of racially aggravated assault. 6 months in jail for the sentry and a fat wad of legal aid for the protestor to sue the MOD for violating his human rights.

>Sorry, didnt realize, as here in the States anyone trying to harass a Soldier in a Hospital would be arrested for trespass, harrassment, making Terroristic threats, etc.

>this stems from the closure of military hospitals... The MOD spokesman is lying, pure and simple, in that he knows that there is no way of protecting these people unless they put armed guards on the wards. And that was suggested during a security review but dismissed.....just another example of the Forces being shafted, but nothing will happen. As Tim Collins said on GMTV this morning, the British public just don't care enough, and we are not vote winners.

>It stems more from an absence of reason. Perhaps if the Para’s oppos or family had accosted the nearest Muslim and ranted that ‘your Muslim brothers tried to kill my boy and have already killed some of his colleagues’ there would be hell on. As it is, no action will be taken, no minister will be outraged and appeasement and praise for the multi cultural society will continue apace.

>I wonder if any police/legal action has taken place against said muslim for this alleged incident? It would also be interesting to hear what the muslim Council has to say about this type of incident

>Great facilities or not, Selly Oak is in the catchment area for just about the largest muslim concentration outside London. It is not exactly rocket science to work out that an incident of this sort would be on the cards. What on earth have those fuckwits in the MoD, and particularly whatever passes for a DGMS nowadays, been doing? If that is the level of thought that has gone into after care for returning soldiers, then heads should roll - and quick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"my Muslim brothers in Afghanistan"

Yes, and his 'Muslim brothers' are killing my 'non-Muslim' brothers in their droves, all around the world.

It is seen to be logical that a group of Muslims blow up commuters in London and Madrid because of what is happening in the Middle East.

We seem to regard it as perfectly acceptable that Muslims should want to kill because of what it being done to their co-religionists. Consequently, governments frequently find themselves trying to engage with and assuage Muslims because of their anger and grievances.

Why should this be? Why should our government indulge what is, tacitly, a form of religious bigotry? If I expressed a wish to blow up a mosque as a protest against Islam's treatment of Copts in Egypt, Christians in Indonesia or Animists in Darfur, I would be rightly treated as a thug. If I decided to self-detonate because of Robert Mugabe's treatment of my 'white brothers' in Zimbabwe, I would be seen as a racist.

Institutional Islam believes that the Infidel is unworthy. Our own government and proxies seem to accept this ideology and offer no condemnation. On the contrary, they appear to encourage it.

12:42 pm  
Anonymous La Boheme said...

//then heads should roll - and quick//


I agree with you; it's a despicable situation.

2:02 pm  
Anonymous Ring said...

We should, for every little incident involving muslims, start demanding apologies from the muslim council, to cow them into submission, to constantly put them on the defensive. It is a tactic they, and other groups have used for controlling the debate. Once they manufacture the outrage, they start demand apologies for doing X,Y and Z, and either you apologise, and look like you actually did do X,Y and Z, or you don't and it still looks like you did X,Y and Z but you don't give a crap. Demanding an apology also conveys the message that you are open for dialog, as long as they are willing to admit to their wrongdoing. Once they refuse to apologise, then it is they who are standing in the way of progress and open dialog. Start demanding from your elected officials investigations into these affairs.

Pride weighs heavily on the muslim male, they will not like having the authority they have imposed upon themselves questioned. They will not like feeling subjugated by their host nation, and the indigenous population that is standing up for itself. At that point they will either show their true colors or bugger off.

We need to start adopting the tactics that have been used against us for decades, and drop the white/christian/male guilt.

8:31 pm  
Anonymous archduke said...

even more worrying - the fuckwits at the Mod are putting hundreds of civillian lives in danger.

What are they going to say when a Islamonutter drives a truck bomb into a ward, just because their are wounded paras in there?

9:23 pm  

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