Friday, October 20, 2006

C of E school should employ only Muslims

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Yorkshire Post:
An Islamic educational trust has called for a Yorkshire school at the centre of the row over women wearing full face veils to sack all of its teachers who are not bilingual Muslims.

Headfield CE Junior School in Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury, has been thrust into the national spotlight by the suspension of 23-year-old classroom assistant Aishah Azmi for refusing to remove her veil while teaching.

She has been suspended from her job as a bilingual support worker helping children who have English as a second language since February. And she has taken her employers Kirklees Council to a tribunal on grounds of religious discrimination.

The authority claims Mrs Azmi needs to communicate face-to-face with children to do her job properly. A decision is expected this month.

Now the London School of Islamics has defended Mrs Azmi's actions.

Iftikhar Ahmad of the London School of Islamics said: "It is not the fault of the veil and its wearer that the school is at the bottom of the educational ladder. It is the fault of the teaching staff who are monolinguals and who are unable to communicate with the children who can't speak English in a local accent.

"The staff as well as the head teacher should be replaced by bilingual Muslim teachers
who are in a position to impart bilingual education right from nursery level. I hope that within a couple of years the school would be at the top of the educational ladder."
From what I can gather the London School of Islamics ceased to be a school in the 1980s, and now appears to be little more than a one-man lobby demanding public funds for Muslim schools. (How long will it be before there are more Islamic organisations in Britain than actual Muslims?)

Here are some more helpful suggestions from Iftikhar Ahmad:
State funded Muslim schools need Muslim teachers. Highly qualified teachers can be recruited from Muslim countries for the teaching of National Curriculum, Islamic Studies, Arabic and Urdu languages so that Muslim children do not find themselves cut off from their cultural and linguistic roots. The study of Comparative religions is not required because Islam teaches respect, tolerance and understanding of those who are different from them.
And more:
It is the state schools who have been producing intolerance. Citizenship lessons do not make full sense” unless they are taught within the context of Islam. In the same way Multicultural studies should also be taught in the context of Islam. Just because people do not throw bricks at each other on a daily basis, does not mean everything is rosy in the garden. We do need a common sense of British Identity but it has nothing to do with “common values or shared culture”. We can learn from Ottoman multi ethnic empire which achieved remarkable degree of religious tolerance. Terrorism is nothing to do with British Muslim community... Islam does not believe in integration but encourages participation and feel responsibility in the British society. (sic)


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