Monday, October 02, 2006

The Brutalised British?

James Fergusson in the Independent on Sunday (subscription only - lifted this from the ARRSE forum):
There was a message on the infantry section of from someone calling himself "Thuggerz", who was thinking about joining up. "This might sound weird., but I'm not sure if I can handle bullets flying at my head," he wrote. "How do I know if I can handle this responsibility?" "That is why you have the 24 weeks CIC," came the reply. "You're not going to be given a gun and told to shoot the flip-flops on your first day." "Shoot the flip-flops": that is the process of brutalisation. Little by little, our society is being remilitarised. This is, perhaps, the most insidious legacy of a decade of bellicose British foreign policy, the thing that causes Workers' Union types at Manchester the greatest unease of all. Will historians remember the relative peace of my lifetime as a happy blip in British history?
"Flip flops". How ghastly! How un-PC!

God forbid that the British public should recognise what it actually means to be a country at war.

The other day I expressed some scepticism about a BBC poll which showed that only 31% of the British population supports troop deployment in Afghanistan despite the vast majority recognising that our armed forces are there to defeat the Taleban and al Qaeda. ICM has published the results - and I'm afraid they are just as reported. It would appear that James Fergusson's worries about the British are unfounded. Far from being "brutalised", this country has become sensitised. Robert Redeker, in the article for which he received death threats, wrote of "useful idiots, self-righteous consciences drowning in nice feelings". That's all but 31% of the British today - browbeaten by years of touchy-feely sentiment and political correctness.

It's five years since 9/11 - a nation with the stomach for war would by now have a fully-resourced military. It is a matter of urgency that everything possible is done to ensure our troops have the means to do their job properly - and by properly I mean brutally and disproportionately (and to hell with the BBC). Otherwise, we get them out. This would see the return of the Taleban and the al Qaeda training camps, and it would postpone the day of reckoning until some time when the enemy is even stronger, but our troops should not have to face needless sacrifice just because our country is populated by hand-wringing idiot wusses.


Blogger Man in a shed said...

On your conclusion for pulling our troops out I mostly agree. When I hear talk of 5-15 years longer then I think that’s means our government has no idea at all how long things will take or how to do them. We used to hold an empire by using local troops and leaders, if its that long a job ahead then that’s what we should do. Or just get out.

I have always wondered what the last Russian out of Afghanistan said on the bridge before he left - it was deliberately unreported. One day we may be able to figure it out for ourselves.

3:58 pm  
Blogger Eric said...

I have to agree...the west (that includes us here in the US) has become sadly wussified.

Having highly capable troops in the field isn't enough when the folks back home quail at the thought of them actually doing their jobs.

5:34 pm  
Anonymous smallheathen said...

A very selective quote "shoot the flip-flops" extrapolated to indicate a remilitarisation of society? If the author took the trouble to take a long and detailed look at ARRSE, he would soon find out that questions such as the one from"Thuggerz" are usually met with a great deal of suspicion from arrse users, aware of the possibility of journos (and possibly those with an agenda)trawling for unfavourable quotes which could discredit the Army. The warning "journo alert..." appears as frequently on ARRSE as "troll alert" appears on other boards.
The reply to "Thuggerz" reflects this and should be used in isolation - ARRSE has a long running tradition of outing wannabes and "Walts" (as in Walter Mittys).

As a former career soldier and long time Indie/Guardian reading Lib voter, I can assure the Indie that it is very easy to find views on ARRSE that reflect those held in their own newsroom.
O for a little research.

8:40 pm  
Blogger CityUnslicker said...

Military spending or money for public sector workers (I mean voters, the only ones actively incentivised to do so)?

no contest.

11:38 pm  

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