Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Alzheimer's drug denied to English and Welsh

Daily Mail:
At least 50,000 people each year will be denied drugs to treat Alzheimer's that cost just £2.50 a day after the NHS rationing body yesterday turned down an appeal by campaigners.

Angry sufferers condemned the ban which will affect patients diagnosed with the early stages of the disease. Instead they will be told to come back when their symptoms have got worse...

The ban applies only in England and Wales, as the drugs have been approved in Scotland.

. It would seem that the Daily Mail article was misleading. From The Scotsman (hat tip Clematis Fraudster):
After the announcement, NHS Quality Improvement Scotland indicated that it would follow this ruling and also deny the drugs to new NHS patients with mild Alzheimer's.


Blogger Platform9 said...

Quite literally sickening

1:54 pm  
Anonymous Mark Brentano said...

The NHS has got far more important things to spend our money on, you know. Call your local trust, pose as a journo (if you aren't one already) and see what the combined income of their diversity department comes to. It'll turn your hair white.

2:20 pm  
Blogger alfie said...

It makes a mockery of what this guy said last week - Tony Harrison, a senior fellow in health policy at the King’s Fund made this joke of a comment. "The NHS is based on equal treatment for equal need…."

He's from the planet Scotland, obviously.

My take on the story -

2:23 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

Can I just point out that NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (NICE's equivalent in Scotland) will abide by NICE's decision and not license the drugs on the NHS.

In other words, sufferers of mild Alzheimer's in Scotland won't get the drugs either.

But the point made here still stands: QIS could have disagreed with NICE and issued the drugs, as it has done in other cases (e.g. Velcade).

2:37 pm  

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