Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Cameron in his conference speech just now: "Al Gore's brilliant film...."


Blogger rexie said...

Lord Lawson must feel uncomfortable at this bowing to pseudo-science. He at least has gone into this question with independence of mind and some rigour. The rest seem to rely on Greenpeace hand-outs and "popular" films.

4:22 pm  
Anonymous verity said...

And when Dave loses the election to Alan Johnson, he can follow Al Gore's excellent example of graceful losership by demanding a recount and spending the next eight years sulking and making bitter cracks.

Two of a kind. Old family money, educated at elite schools, hoodie huggers, no loyalty to their country, a great sense of entitlement.

(Not that I believe for one nanosecond that Dave has read Al's "excellent book".)

5:49 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

New episode of South Park is out ;)

8:48 pm  

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