Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Taken for a ride

The Jawa Report's video maestro has done a little something on bombed-out ambulance fakery. (Hat tip USS Neverdock)


Anonymous me said...

More fuck_ups designed to help terrorists
German Chancellor’s office contradicts Israeli government claim that German naval forces are ready to secure the Lebanese coast under UN flag

September 7, 2006, 10:56 AM (GMT+02:00)

London similarly denied that British naval units would take part in monitoring Lebanese shores against arms smuggling.

DEBKAfile adds: Confusing preconditions and delays by the Lebanese government are holding up the German deployment. Berlin has offered to lead the UNIFIL naval component securing the Lebanese coast but the Siniora government under Hizballah pressure only agrees to its deployment seven miles offshore and therefore unable to search for arms smugglers. Beirut is also holding back its formal application for this force to the UN and the German government – claiming to be waiting for the Israeli embargo to be lifted. The Olmert government agreed to end the embargo Thursday claiming UN assurances that international monitors were ready to take over embargo missions. This is far from the case and the lifting of the embargo was therefore opposed by the Israeli military.

Germany insists on a clear request from Beirut, coupled with a robust mandate from the United Nations, to prevent sea-based arms smuggling mainly from Syria to Hezbollah militants, before submitting the request to parliamentary approval.

Berlin is reportedly prepared to allocate up to 3,000 sea and air troops and some 13 vessels to the task. Even then, two weeks would be needed to bring them to the Middle East.

Merkel, in an address to the Bundestag, indicated that the German forces' main task would be monitoring the sea exits. She would wait for several days before taking a final decision on their deployment. She stressed that the national forces must not be put "in confusing conditions or at risks. German troops, the Chancellor said, should not be engaged in combat missions "or open fire at the Israelis."

German experts are due in Lebanon by the end of this week to arrange logistics with the Lebanese army, but the defense ministry in Berlin stated they are not an advance contingent to prepare for the main mission.

Just what happened to UN resolutions 1559,1680,1701????????????
western idiotic politicians out thought at every level. Sack the bloody lotofem.

9:39 am  
Anonymous Poimandres said...

I've got a better one than that. It seems even Israeli politicians can fuck-up on occassion.

Did the Mossad miss an intelligence source with ties to Syria? New claims suggest that a Romanian politician who worked for the Syrian intelligence agency and was jailed in Romania for entanglements in a political affair, offered Israel classified information in return for facilitating his release – but the Foreign Ministry refused to convey his offer to the Mossad.

Romanian politician Omer Haitam had links to the topmost echelons in Syria, including the president, owing to his familial relationship to long-term Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlas. According to Haitam’s Israeli attorney, Mordechai Tzivin, Haitam was the one who “cut coupons” from the weapons deal signed two years ago between Russia and Syria. Moreover, according to Tzibin, his client had ties with Hizbullah.

Upon his arrival in Romania roughly two decades ago, Haitam succeeded in assimilating into local society and became a top activist in the ruling social-democratic party. However, two years ago, in attempt to advance the interests of his party, he staged the kidnapping of three Romanian journalists in Iraq and was caught and jailed.

In prison, Haitam claimed that he had intestinal cancer and appealed to Israeli Attorney Tzivin for help gaining his release. Tzivin, for his part, agreed to represent Haitam on condition that he cooperate with Israel. Haitam agreed and his lawyer, who has ties to the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, hurried to notify the ministry’s legal advisor, asking that the details be conveyed to the Mossad.

However, much to Tzivin’s surprise, his offer was met with a refusal claiming “the ministry does not deal with such issues.” Tzivin said he was even more astonished to hear that the ministry maintains work contacts with the Mossad, but did not see it as appropriate to transmit the information.

Refusing to give up, Tzivin conveyed the offer to the Mossad via alternate channels. In the end, the details of the proposal finally reached their intended destination.

In any case, Tzivin was still rattled by the disinterest of the Foreign Ministry, and on Sunday of this week he filed a complaint with the police against the ministry’s legal advisor, Attorney Ehud Keinan, for negligence on the job. “I don’t claim to understand their security considerations, but the man is well-known for his links to Syria. I was shocked when I heard their response,” Tzibin said.

And what about Haitam? The politician was eventually released from prison, and managed to escape back to Syria.

In response to Tzivin’s complaint, the Foreign Ministry said the claims were “vexing,” and added that “since the complaint was filed with the police, they should be contacted for a response in the matter.”

9:53 am  
Anonymous exposethefuckups said...

Mustafa Tlas eh? Syrian Defence minister eh? more like international terrorist from way-back. He is the guy who organised the removal of saddams WMD from Iraq just prior to the bomb-fest. He, and his son were very well paid by saddam. They are buried in the bekaa valley, rather close to the hizballah command center there Hmmm!
No wmd you say?
Before hostilities started numerous scuds were fired into Kuwait from mobile launchers. Those launchers were never found. Guess where they are. Guess who put them there.
Remember the US accusations against Syria in the early days of the bomb-fest. Chemical weapons, wmd, etc, etc. Why do you think that was?? Satellites - US and ofek5, they told the story. The allies didn't want to take on Syria at that time, so they bit their lip and appeased, and are still doing the appeasing.

10:17 am  
Anonymous Poimandres said...

Did you know the saddam has a second wife? --- Syrian nationality, quite high up the social ladder. Couldn't stand his blood-lust so she lived/lives in Damascus.
HE HAS A SON BY THAT WIFE, who must be a young teenager by now.
Do you think he's ganna sit idly by forever?
There, that should fill in a few blanks.

10:32 am  
Anonymous said said...

get a load of this crap - the preachings of a stone age moron.

12:50 pm  
Anonymous I said...

looks like politicians are the same the world over, - yellow backed, appeasing, cowards.

DEBKAfile Exclusive: The breach between Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz is final and irreconcilable

Our sources in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem report that the straw that broke the camel’s back happened on Wednesday, Sept. 6, when the Prime Minister’s Office and the Defense Ministry failed to inform Halutz about the decision to lift the air, sea and land blockade of Lebanon the following day. The chief of General Staff and other generals heard about the decision – which Halutz was vehemently opposed to – through the media.

Olmert is now frankly telling his cabinet ministers and confidants that Halutz “was not a good military adviser to the prime minister during the Lebanon war,” although this is one of his primary functions. The prime minister is also accusing the chief of staff of having pressured him to approve the Israeli Air Force offensive at the outset of the Lebanon War persuading him that the air force could achieve a quick win. Halutz, he says did not accurately update him on the sites targeted for bombing or the progress of ground battles, leaving him short of data for the right decisions.

In Olmert’s opinion, the chief of staff dealt too slowly with the shortcomings displayed by the IDF’s Northern Command, its chief Maj.-Gen Udi Adam and the division commanders, instead of addressing them on the spot.

The main problem today, Olmert tells his close aides, is that Defense Minister Amir Peretz is standing in the way of Halutz’s dismissal knowing his own head would be next on the chopping block. This is clearly an invitation to the chief of staff to tender his resignation.

According to the military sources reporting to DEBKAfile, the general view in the armed forces is that the prime minister hopes to scapegoat the chief of staff for the Lebanon war’s failures. He is therefore “forgetting” the many instances when he turned down recommendations and plans presented him by the General Staff and preferred to consult with his military secretary, Maj.-Gen. Gadi Shamni, and Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter. He gave more weight to their advice than to the recommendations made by Lt.-Gen Halutz.

5:52 pm  

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