Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Poetry Please

Check out Brit's excellent poetic tale of a brief encounter with a Bristol chav over at Think of England.

Which reminds me - I forgot to post my clerihew on the death of King Tupou IV:
The King of Tonga
Is no longer.
He lost a lot of weight
And lived to eighty-eight.


Anonymous Verity said...

Clever. I'd forgotten all about Clerihews.

4:47 pm  
Anonymous La Boheme said...

Excellent stuff - both your contribution and the other bloke's.

5:42 pm  
Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...

The dead swans lay in the stagnant pool.
They lay. They rotted. They turned
Around occasionally.
Bits of flesh dropped off them from
Time to time.
And sank into the pool's mire.
They also smelt a great deal.

12:51 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

While Tongan tottie
Queen Salote
Stayed alive
To sixty-five

5:45 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Apologies. I realise it's not a proper Clerihew.

6:01 pm  

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