Monday, September 25, 2006

Peter Preston on the Ryder Cup

Peter Preston tries to claim the Ryder Cup win as a victory for the EU. A perfect example of a left-liberal, self-loathing white English tosser:
Sport, after all, is supposed an almost automatic test of national identification, as pioneered by Norman Tebbit in his drive to separate Olde Chingford from neo-Karachi. The last big alleged tests of Britishness was who Scottish first ministers (and Scottish aspirant PMs) would support in the World Cup - and who could bear to fly those creepy emblems of St George from their Toyotas and Mitsubishis...

Don't clap too hard. The "us" in Straffan are white and keen on the game because they play it themselves - and Europe, praise be, is not your average golf club. You want a black face? All we've got is Tiger. This Europe leaves a whole load of people out.
But don't discount too far, either. These are the guys, these Irish guys, who know what Europe has done for them. These are the guys, these British guys, who shift instantly to a higher loyalty.
Enjoying golf while white - the bastards! And as for some "higher loyalty" - ask Luke Donald and Paul Casey where their loyalties lie when they're playing in the golf World Cup.

The Ryder Cup is contested between European members of the European Tour and American members of the PGA Tour (and non-EU European nationals are just as eligible for the Ryder Cup as those from EU countries.) I didn’t hear any of the victorious players celebrating "what Europe has done for them". Rather, they were keen to emphasise their pride in the strength of the European Tour. Golf fans understand what the Ryder Cup is about; opportunistic EU cheerleaders such as Preston certainly do not.


Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

"These are the guys, these Irish guys, who know what Europe has done for them. These are the guys, these British guys, who shift instantly to a higher loyalty."

Idle hackery. How much is he paid to churn out horseshit like this?

As any fule no, in team sport your loyalty is to your mates. The colour, ethnicity and religion of your team-mates are irrelevant. There is no 'I' in team; there is no 'EU' in team either. And so on.

You tend to find that soldiers are much the same: they do not fight for Britain or England or the 'EU' or the UN; they fight for each other - their mates, their regiments.

2:32 pm  
Blogger rexie said...

If I'd known that this was going to be claimed as a victory for the EU, I would have been cheering on the Americans. Just as well to know about these things in advance.

2:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I somehow can't see Tiger Woods or his team mates celebrating in such a 'gross' manner as witnessed by the watching world at the finish of the Ryder Cup

2:39 pm  
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