Thursday, September 14, 2006

MPAC endorses the Tories

From MPACUK's website:
While Tony Blair angered Muslim opinion by expediting weapons to Israel and the Liberal Democrats sat on their hands, William Hague, the shadow Foreign Minister criticised Israel’s disproportionate force during the summer invasion of Lebanon and now David Cameron’s masterful distancing himself from the Neo-Con rhetoric. He has rejected a “clash of civilisations” and accepts the role of the United Nations. While he makes political capital from a divided Labour leadership and myopic foreign policy, the Muslim community has started to take notice. These public statements in themselves do not mean that the Tories are the “good guys”, but it does mean they are no longer the “bad guys”. The Tories will be the next Government whether at the next general election or the one after. The more progressive and politically astute Muslims must be part of that transition. The Tories are reaching out to us and we must reach out to them.
"Dear Dave - here is our list of demands..."


Anonymous Verity said...

Oh, God, where would we be without the muslims to give us a laugh a day?

The worrying thing, DfH, is, if they did send in a list of demands to Dave, he would find a way of accommodating them - feeling that he had pulled off something rather clever. He is so ill-read and ill-informed, it is frightening. I suspect he is as ill-read as Tony Blair.

5:39 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

A prominent Islamist pressure group endorses the Conservative Party...

We are living in a seriously fucked-up world, aren't we?

5:53 pm  
Blogger rexie said...

But Hague isn't ill-informed, and he did seem to be able to tell the difference before his return to centre-stage.

I am still digesting the little booklet, sent to me as a member of the Conservative party, setting out the aims and values of the party - I find I share almost none of them. Do I want to treat global poverty, the "threat" to the environment and social justice as priorities of government? Rather the opposite. Throw in a little outreach to islamism and I mightn'e even vote Conservative to help get the current lot out of their jobs.

6:14 pm  
Blogger permanentexpat said...

"With friends like these............" and I'm sure that Ananias gets a friendly mention somewhere in the Koran

6:16 pm  
Anonymous AC said...

Posted this comment at the MPACUK site:

'To all of those Muslims who have commented on here expressing their anti-Israel/Jew bias and to those who share their views - I beg you to vote Labour. The sooner Labour and the Left in general are tainted with the stigma of sucking up to such bigoted buffoons as yourselves the sooner Labour will be exposed for the self-serving hypocrites they are and then the sooner they will be deserted in droves by non-Muslim voters. It would be a disaster for this country if the two main parties were fighting for your votes. Muslims for Labour and Labour for Muslims!'


7:40 pm  
Blogger Man in a shed said...

If this happens it will be interesting to see the reaction of the left that still regards enthnic minorities as its payroll vote.

10:38 pm  
Anonymous AC said...

The Forever war - a cracking book

11:24 pm  
Blogger The Bonobo said...

Dave wants more women MPs.

Dave wants to be bessie mates with misogynistic Muzzies.

How does he reconcile the two?

Make the new intake wear bhurkas?

How long before we get the inevitable 'tiny minority' speech?

Dhimmi Dave: prize twat.

1:43 am  

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