Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Kofi's Coffers

Claudia Rossett asks "What is Kofi worth?":
Kofi Annan has finally agreed to fill out one of the financial disclosure forms now required of UN senior staff. But... remember that the UN is home to some of the world’s biggest veracity gaps.

At the UN, “disclosure” does not necessarily mean the public gets told anything at all. Whatever financial information Kofi might produce will be “disclosed” only in-house, inside the same UN that managed to cover up for years such matters as billions in graft under Oil-for-Food, hundreds of millions worth of allegedly bribe-tainted and/or questionably-allotted procurement contracts, and a variety of odd doings still not well-explained inside its own audit department.
Will the public ever find out about Kofi's finances? Don't bet on it.


Anonymous Verity said...

Oh, someone'll get him. Never fear. Maybe not while he's still in his squat at the UN, they'll get him one way or another. Either some very clever financial journalists or accountants, or someone to whom he owes money.

2:46 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

O/T - what is the point of this vicious woman interviewer (who I am confident is Jewish with a nose job) harrassing a Republican senator about whether his grandfather was Jewish? How can this be relevant to a political debate? This is so vicious I cannot believe it even went out over the air. (I got the link off LGF.)


4:25 pm  

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