Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just another ordinary day in Britain...

A British man accused of a fertiliser bomb plot has told an Old Bailey jury he was "happy" when he heard about the 11 September attacks on the US.
Omar Khyam, 24, of Crawley, West Sussex, is the first of seven Britons accused of the plot to give evidence in their trial.
He admitted travelling to Pakistan in 2000 for guerrilla training in weapons and reconnaissance tactics…
Khyam, his younger brother Shujah-Ud-Din Mahmood, 18, and Waheed Mahmood, 33, from Crawley, West Sussex, along with Jawad Akbar, 22, from Crawley and Uxbridge, Anthony Garcia, 27, from Ilford, east London, Nabeel Hussain, 20, from Horley, Surrey, and Salahuddin Amin, 30, from Luton, Bedfordshire, are accused of conspiring to cause an explosion likely to endanger life contrary to section 3 (1)(a) of the Explosive Substances Act 1883.
Five men and a youth have been remanded in custody after appearing in court following a police operation targeting alleged terrorist recruiters.
Ten people have now been charged after raids in London on 1 September, including one on a Chinese restaurant.
But remember, it's just "a few bad apples".


Anonymous Verity said...

Will this government have the bottle to hang them for treason? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

I see they're all good, stalwart British yeomen's names.

Shovel this rubbish out now. You're at the head of the list, Bari (with is barf with a typo). And your delicate, willowy sidekick Bungalow Boy is next. Iran would be a nice place for him to go and try to live.

6:30 pm  
Blogger rexie said...

Amazing how many of these suspect muslims come from Crawley/Horley. I wonder if there is an imam there turning out these "bad apples"

6:45 pm  
Blogger Mark Holland said...

Omar Khyam: "I liked this Sharia so much, I bought the company".

7:35 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

Ach, put it down to high spirits; the recklessness of youth. They're only young lads and they'll grow out of it. Allegedly.

7:47 pm  
Blogger Toque said...

It's also important to remember what a valuable contribution these people make in creating a more diverse and vibrant England.

7:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"contrary to section 3 (1)(a) of the Explosive Substances Act 1883."

Doesn't anyone think it odd, that with all the new anti terrorist legislation on the statute books since 1977, they choose a one hundred and twenty three year statute to prosecute these plumbers with. What gives?

8:29 pm  
Blogger Slagella said...

Can we transfer Crawley to Sorrey, sorry, Surrey?

Concerned of Sussex (Coastal).

10:41 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

The Rubayyiat of terrorist suspect Omar Khyam -

"Awake! For morning in the bowl of night
Has flung the bomb that puts the infidel to flight

"And lo! islamics from the East have caught
Terminal Three in a noose of light.

"A bomb or two beneath the bow
A glass of wine (haram), a book of verse
And thou beside me, plotting in the wilderness
Ah - terrorism is paradise enow!"

Omar, I am going to start campaigning for islamic crappers to be removed from prisons. If you didn't want to crap facing Mecca, you shouldn't have done the crime. Capice?

11:39 pm  
Blogger Tom Paine said...

Sorry to disappoint, but they abolished the death penalty for treason some time ago.

Anonymous at 8.29pm, did you really think all those new laws were for use against Muslim terrorists? Not at all, there were (as you see) perfectly good laws available for the purpose. The new ones are either for show, for the suppression of dissent, or for spreading of that fear which makes electorates putty in the hands of politicians.

7:37 am  
Anonymous Expose the lies said...

First came this:-
Until Wednesday night, 13/9/06 the Shiite terror group stood by its consent to the Lebanese army on the border with Israel handling any military problems or clashes with Israel, with Hizballah assisting. Now, Hizballah has gone back on this deal and announced that henceforth its own forces will no longer wait for the Lebanese army to act but send its own forces into action against Israel. This is the first time since the UN-brokered went into effect on July 14 that Hizballah has threatened direct military action against Israel.

This also opens the way for its men to shoot at any Israeli aircraft entering Lebanese skies and any naval craft in Lebanese waters. In a second statement, Hizballah warned Berlin that German troops posted at Lebanese air ports, seaports or Lebanese-Syrian border posts would be legitimate targets for attack. The warning came just hours after the German government approved a 2,400 naval and air contingent for the UN Lebanon force.

The Hizballah threat applied also to all the foreign contingents serving with expanded UNIFIL, thereby limiting their area of operation to the border with Israel.

Then this:-
According to some Western and Lebanese intelligence sources, 14/9/06 al Qaeda has named veteran Abu Rush al-Miqati, 56, an old Middle East hand, to organize the attack. Lebanese interior minister Ahmad Fatfat reports 13 al Qaeda cells are operating in Lebanon and are being mustered for the attack.

The Italian defense minister Arturo Parisi, who visited Italian forces at Ras a Maroun in South Lebanon, reminded them that al Qaeda’s Ayman Zawahiri this week stated that UNIFIL forces in Lebanon faced attack as “enemies of Islam.”

Parisi said he was not surprised by al Qaeda’s message and warned the soldiers their mission could be “long, risky, costly and difficult.” But we are here, he said, to defend the security of Israel and strengthen Lebanon’s ability to control its territory. “We know the terrorists are not on our side.”

Italy has agreed to send up to 3,000 soldiers to Lebanon, making it the biggest contributor to the UN's force there. Over a thousand Italians are already deployed.

All UN troops in South Lebanon are on terrorist alert.

French sources report that a new message was posted on Islamist websites by Deputy al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, calling on a militant Algerian Islamist group to target France. In a taped recording Zawahiri called on the Algerian GSPC group to become "a bone in the throat of the American and French crusaders".

He also urged the GSPC - the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat - to sow fear "in the hearts of the traitors and the apostate sons of France" and to crush the "pillars of the Crusader alliance". Prime minister Dominique de Villepain advises treating this warning with the greatest seriousness. France must prepare for the worst, he said.
Expose the lies says:-
Hizbullah are now fully re-armed, but now including more anti-tank weapons, and missiles capable of taking out the fleet in the eastern med.
Between resolutions 1559,1680,1696,and 1701, this should not have happened. UN, and Lebanese forces have stood idly by and watched the convoys from Damascas, ships from Syria and North Korea, and flights from Teheran all bringing arms. Kofi Annan was warned at the various Mid-East capitals that he just visited, that this was happening, but his PR made no mention of it. Everyone is aware of it, but no-one lifted a finger. Appease hizbullah and scum Nazralla.
Iran has made great strides, with Russian help, to neutralize the israeli electronic warfare supremacy. let's hope the Yanks in Israel since mid August have managed to sort this.
A big bang is coming!!
Kofi Annan, you are a travesty, not fit for purpose, you and your family are corrupt, you deserve the gallows.

9:06 am  
Anonymous Expose the lies said...

You guys may have seen this, but if you haven't, it's worth a thought.

Jews are silent. Again. By Hadassa Ben-Itto 1

In the welter of criticism directed at the war in Lebanon, one question has not been asked: why has there been nothing about the intolerable hate propaganda swamping the Arab-Muslim world, led – again – by The Protocols of the Elders of Zion ?

Now that the second Lebanon war is over we hear from all sides that we “fell asleep on sentry duty,” that we underestimated the strength of the enemy, that we were unprepared and too self-confident, that we committed sins of hubris and made false promises to our friends overseas and to the citizens of Israel, that we deluded ourselves into thinking that the existence of the State of Israel guaranteed the future of the Jewish people. Demands come from all sides to appoint a commission of inquiry. “Off with their heads!” people cry.

Were I to be called before such a committee, I would testify that for years one subject has been neglected and never mentioned, although it is no less relevant to the current war than other subjects endlessly harped on. Indeed, we did fall asleep: we never developed an effective strategy to deal with a lethal weapon of another sort, one as dangerous as missiles and rockets.

We keep asking ourselves how the entire Muslim world, including the parts of it not involved in the conflict with the Palestinians, and which do not seem to be the least interested in the Palestinian fate, were so successfully seduced into taking a stand against us, not only leaders but the man on the street as well. Why do thousands run rampant through the streets calling for our destruction? Is it only in defense of Arab honor? And why are they joined by all the human rights organizations, whose original agendas were not supposed to include a struggle against Jews and the State of Israel?

An American diplomat once said to me, “I don't believe this is happening to the Jews again. You haven't learned your lesson. If you had carefully read Mein Kampf you would know what's waiting for you. The writing is on the wall again but you don't even look at it. Wars don't begin in the battlefield. Read the UNESCO Charter that says, ‘Wars start in the minds of men.'”

For the last hundred years a dangerous lie has been spreading throughout the world. It accuses us of being responsible for every catastrophe visited upon humanity, and is based on the claim that the very existence of Jews endangers world peace. It is the famous “Jewish conspiracy” whose goal is to dominate the world, carefully detailed in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion , of which millions of copies are distributed in every conceivable language.

Not only do we not read The Protocols , the book has not even been translated into Hebrew.

Since the Second World War we have not bothered to pinpoint the methodical poisoning of the minds of hundreds of millions of Muslims with the message that the Jews are a danger to their existence. The facts are out there for all to see, they look at us from the pages of newspapers, from studies and from books. We have seen it all and done nothing. We have become tired of dealing with Jew haters, fatigued from denying the libels. We became complacent and did not correctly evaluate the danger or look for ways of coping with it.

Entire nations, hundreds of millions of people, cannot be enlisted to take part in a struggle to destroy the Jews and Israel unless they have been subjected to a methodical, long-term propaganda campaign. We Jews failed to realize the use made of The Protocols to incite the pogroms in Russia at the beginning of the 20 th century; nor did we realize how the Nazis used them as a basis for the theory that as long as there were Jews in the world, they would carry out their plan to take over the globe, thus endangering the Nazi plan to achieve the same end.

Since the Second World War, Muslims have picked up the torch from the Nazis, with the avowed objective of destroying us, as a people and as a state. And that is stated openly, in public speeches given by heads of member states in the United Nations , in charters such as that of the Hamas and in sermons in the mosques.

The original version of the Protocols has not changed, but each of the thousands of editions, regardless of language, is prefaced by an explanation of how the Jews are currently implementing their plan, here and now. Thus new editions with new prefaces are necessary after each current event like the attack on the World Trade Center or the war in Iraq : read the newspapers, they say, the Jews are responsible for it all. The Arabic editions, whether published in Iran , Syria or Egypt , are distributed to Muslim communities in the West, prominently displayed at book fairs and sold at discount prices in stores on main streets.

In recent years, television series in Egypt , Syria and Qatar , one after another, were based on The Protocols and broadcast to the entire Muslim world during Ramadan, in the evening, when the entire family gathers to break the fast and turns on the TV. These are popular soap operas targeting all ages, including adolescents, which revive the criminal Jewish conspiracy theory to take over the world.

All this is happening here and now, as we look on.

The Muslim world believes the libel, even if there are a few intellectuals who might be willing to admit that perhaps The Protocols are a forgery. In a large hospital in the United States , I recently met a doctor of Lebanese extraction from a well-known Christian town. I asked him if he was familiar with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and he answered that he had a copy in his library, knew it well and believed every word. It's part of our culture, he said without blinking, in excellent American English.

The Arabic editions contain introductions which are completely delusional, wild and slanderous. They describe all events in world history as facets of the devilish Jewish plot and are accompanied by horrific cartoons (permissible, apparently, as long as they do not make fun of Muslims). There is no lack of similar editions in the West, but there special editions are printed for more intelligent audiences, such as the 2004 edition printed in the United States and sold in respectable bookstores in large cities.

I am looking at one such edition. It has a glossy red and white cover and is sold by Amazon for $7.95. It contains not only the original Protocols but also many documents based on the conspiracy theory. It “delves deeply” into what it calls “the Jewish problem,” giving the Jews credit for being smart, intelligent, Nobel Prize winners, definitely a people worthy of respect, but, precisely for that reason, dangerous to the world. It even deals with existing proof of the Protocols being a forgery. Thus the London Times , which was the first to expose the forgery in 1921, becomes part of the Jewish conspiracy. Others who exposed it, including a Russian princess and a French theologian, are presented as having criminal records.

The Jewish “intelligence service,” which systematically monitors manifestations of anti-Semitism, is not to blame. There are university departments and research institutes, there are conferences, publications, even websites that monitor what is printed in the Arab countries. But with the exception of a few “obsessed” individuals, there is no real awareness of the danger and there is no strategic plan to deal with it.

Today, the political correctness guiding public discourse bans statements made against anyone except Jews, even if they are true. Thus it is not all Muslims, not the Qu'ran, the commentator adds, every time he informs the world about another terrorist attack carried out by Muslims. If today a libel similar to The Protocols were disseminated about Muslims, or about any ethnic minority marked by its descent or non-Caucasian skin color, the streets would burn as they did because of a few pathetic cartoons in a marginal Danish newspaper.

When the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, publicly announces that he intends to destroy Israel, we don't ask ourselves why, in addition to missiles and nuclear weapons, he orders The Protocols of the Elders of Zion to be printed and distributed, or why his emissaries dare exhibit an English edition of the Protocols at the Iranian stall at the international book fair in Frankfurt.

And the Jewish People remain silent. For a hundred years. Even now.

Jews do not burn embassies, we do not incite thousands to march in the streets. But that does not mean that there are no alternatives. Indeed, alternatives exist.

The conspiracy against the Jewish people must be dramatically exposed, because it disseminates a vicious libel whose objective is to prepare the ground again for the annihilation of the Jews.

We can flood the courts of the world with lawsuits against those who spread the lie, because today most countries have laws that prohibit incitement against religious, national or ethnic groups.

The struggle must be taken up in all its forms: legal, political, public, through the media, globally, in every possible way, to make our voice heard, loud and clear: ENOUGH, STOP THE LIBEL, STOP THE LIES!

Sad to say, the author is correct. The brain washing from birth has created 250m madmen in the middle east, all baying for blood. Israel has lost the hearts and minds war, globally. As a nation/nationality, they are too Race-centric, and this creates problems and excuses for madmen, and excuses for repressive regimes to redirect the anger of their repressed populations.

9:27 am  
Blogger Wolfie said...

Nice Zionist rant, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Oh yes, where were we? Oh yes, putting Israeli interests in the centre of everything, that was it. Even when discussing a racist cretin from Crawley because that's all he is, no conspiracy, no race war. Just cretins whom we should just send home pronto.

9:56 am  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

'Even when discussing a racist cretin from Crawley because that's all he is, no conspiracy, no race war. Just cretins whom we should just send home pronto.'

Home? You mean back to Crawley or Luton? These are the towns where these chaps live - they are Britons, after all. You know - they have British passports and stuff, and live in Britain?

I would be interested to know how 'racist cretins' like these alleged 'racist cretins' get their cretinous racism from. The BNP? Polly Toynbee?

They, I assume, do not acquire all their knowledge from madrassas and moques in Islamabad because they are Britons, living in Britain, and their cretinous racism has nothing to do with the belief-system to which they might or might not, possibly, belong.

I suppose a 'racist cretin' is one way of describing a violent jihadist. If this is the case, I suppose that means Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, The Muslim Brotherhood and other assorted Islamist nutjobs are just 'racist cretins' too. In fact, there seem to be a lot of racist cretins in the Muslim world. Why should that be?

1:23 pm  
Blogger Wolfie said...

A racist is still a human with the power of reason, he chose his belief system like anyone else. Racism is not a disease and you don't "catch it" from other racists. Most in fact learn it in their homes throughout childhood from parents and/or contemporaries.

I don't know this fellow's ethnic origins but with those beliefs I think it best for us if he was simply repatriated with "his people". Simple.

3:26 pm  
Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...

Islam isn't a race. It's a voluntary belief system (i.e. a culture) and death cult.

Western culture is obviously better than Islam.

3:40 pm  
Anonymous Expose the lies said...

Hey THIS IS WHERE IDEAS ARE STAMPED ON YOUNG IMPRESSIONABLE BRAINS by their cretinous parents/teachers/imams/and other assorted nutjobs.
Hope the link works(:-). I haven't the skills to give a live one (:-(

3:41 pm  
Anonymous Expose the lies said...

Specially for you Wolfiet. Here is the full page. incidently, where does your hatred of Israel come from? Is it perhaps your parents? Naw, not them. Well where then, the BBC perhaps. Naw, you're intelligent enought to make your own independant assessment. You've been there and worked with them, you know the pressure their entire race lives under. you really understand. YEAH RIGHT!
Go Figure the future of that civilization!

4:01 pm  
Anonymous Expose the lies said...

OOPS, sorry Wolfiet.

4:10 pm  
Anonymous Expose the lies said...
Stitch that.
Another example of European/global warped thinking. How long are we gonna subsidize terrorists?

4:32 pm  

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