Friday, September 29, 2006

Israel warns MSM

The Israeli government has told the heads of foreign news agencies that it's not happy with all the staging and faking of photographs that's going on. I'm pleased to see that Unlucky Home Owner Woman got a bit of a mention. From the Jerusalem Post:
The Government Press Office held a meeting with heads of foreign news agencies earlier this month to protest the doctoring of photographs of the recent Lebanon war and the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians, and warned them that action could be taken against them if this practice continued, The Jerusalem Post has learned…

The director of the Government Press Office, Danny Seaman... spoke of staged photos from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, such as people standing in front of destroyed homes and falsely claiming ownership and instances in which photographers asked people to "recreate" reported incidents. He also said Palestinian photographers would sometimes tell children to throw rocks or have adults carry children pretending to be injured.

He also referred to photos making damage in Lebanon appear worse than it actually was.

After American Web blogs publicized the doctoring of a Reuters photograph, Reuters fired the freelance photographer and removed all his photos from its archives. The photograph showed a smoky, bombed area in southern Beirut. While the area had been hit in IAF air raids, the photographer added billows of smoke and additional damage to buildings using computer-imaging technology.
Via LGF. From the same blog, also check out this - CNN kissing Ahmadinejad's butt.


Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

The media organisations must be scared silly.

The Israeli Government Press Office has threatened to... them to the government, which may...

...close their offices.

This is Israel: a country that Orla Guerin compares unfavourably to Zimbabwe in terms of press freedom. The jackbooted, paranoid, trigger-happy Israelis...

The hacks will be quaking in their boots.

If the Israeli government threatened to kidnap, shoot or behead journalists who refuse to play ball, I wonder if the coverage would change.

12:07 pm  

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