Friday, September 22, 2006

Europe's moral crisis

Gerard Baker (via USS Neverdock, where Marc is having one of his very busy days) :
It is apt that Pope Benedict should have received such European opprobrium for his remarks. His election last year looked like a final attempt by the Church to revive the European spirit in the face of accelerating secularisation and cultural morbidity.

But the scale of Europe’s moral crisis is larger than ever. Opposing the war in Iraq was one thing, defensible in the light of events. But opting out of a serious fight against the Taleban, sabotaging efforts to get Iran off its path towards nuclear status, pre-emptively cringing to Muslim intolerance of free speech and criticism, all suggest something quite different.

They imply a slow but insistent collapse of the European will, the steady attrition of the self-preservation instinct. Its effects can be seen not only in the political field, but in other ways — the startling decline of birth rates across the continent that represent a sort of self-inflicted genocide; the refusal to confront the harsh realities of a global economy.

It may well be that history will judge that Europe’s decline came at the very moment of its apparent triumph. The traumas of the first half of the 20th century have combined with the economic successes of the second half to induce a collective loss of will. Great civilisations die not in the end because of external force majeure but because internally the will to thrive is sapped.

The symptoms of this moral collapse may be far away from the affluent and still largely peaceful cities and towns of the old continent — in the mountains of Afghanistan, the diplomatic reception halls of Tehran and the angry Pope-effigy-burning streets of the Middle East. But there should be no doubt that it is closer to home where the disease has taken hold.


Anonymous La Boheme said...

Enter stage right...Permanent ExPat.

Oh - he's not here yet.

We collectively need to wake up; we all know that Europe is in decline and under threat.

But how do we reverse the (seemingly) inevitable slide?

3:43 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Good question, la boheme.

"We" have to have the will to do it, and "we" - meaning the nomenklatura of Britain and Europe - do not have that will. I think they are still secretly grieving for the Soviet Union.

4:26 pm  
Anonymous La Boheme said...

You may be right, Verity!

I'm sure that as individuals we do have the will; certainly as individuals increasing numbers of us are waking up to what is happening.

It's just what can I, as an individual,albeit a stunning Godess type individual, do?

5:11 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Nothing. The government has you as controlled as they were in the Soviet Union. You may not utter any speech that isn't approved, nor have any thought that are not approved. You cannot take any action because the police, aka the enforcers, will come and speak to you.

You have had your arms taken away from you and your freedom of speech and action taken away from you, and you allowed it. No voices were raised.

Now you are helpless.

The media are either collaborators, or they are as cowed as the rest of the population. That is why primitive aliens can preach murder and mayhem on British streets. You didn't speak up when they were flooding in.

Yes, la boheme, more Brits are waking up to their plight, and more are becoming angry, but what can you do? Expressing an opinion the nomenklatura does not approve of will merit a call from the enforcers.

5:33 pm  
Anonymous I said...

Vote with your feet.
But where to go?
My exit stratedgy is in place, I long for the day. I see teflon coated police, (aka thought police), arresting the victims.
I see politicians from the streets suddenly rich, taxes increasing under a more intrusive climate. More incompetent box tickers being given more responsibilities and authorities. This septic Isle has become the province of scum.
BUT WHERE TO GO//////////////

7:45 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

If your exit strategy is in place, surely you know where you're going? Over two millions of us have left since Kaiser Anthony marched in.

8:06 pm  
Blogger permanentexpat said...

I had typed a long & boring rant which disappeared in an un(not)expected power outage. I cannot repeat it but have other things to say:
Unsolicited e-mails are starting to arrive from your miserably equipped troops in Afghanistan. Does no-one read history these days? Weeelll, yes, that Hitler of course which gives you all the chance for a bit more German-bashing...Isn't that fun? Afghanistan? Nah.
'Afghanistan' is the old expression for 'no-go-area' as countless generations of lost armies would testify. Afghanis simply don't like strangers...any strangers...who want to spoil their national pastime, as old as time itself, of mutual bloodletting. That said,they are actually quite pleased when strangers come to their benighted country (no paradox this)because it puts more 'game', easier to kill than each other, in the field. Even the mighty Red Army, which used to make everyone soil his underwear, finally saw the error of its ways.
We then destroy their only moneymaking crop! That would make me cross too. Why don't you simply buy it from them at a market price (which would soon come down) and sell it to your Welfare druggies at a price which will reduce the burglaries & muggings in The Septic Isle. Nah! better to send your 'yoof' with a LandRover to the killing-fields.
Don't you know,idiots, that the enemy is not only in 'Stan but roaming your own streets, preaching murder, creating mayhem & openly calling for your destruction.
Sadly, I have no sympathy for you. You elected this sorry excuse for a gumment no less than three times! Your police are PC (politically castrated) & will nick you for selling bananas by the pound. It is not the French who are the 'cheese eating surrender-monkeys'; they have at least some guts in dealing with their similar problems. Your judiciary is either corrupt or downright incompetent...and the 'law-givers', your political masters even need lessons in wanking.
"Neverdock" assesses correctly. You are committing national suicide on the Scheiterhaufen of your own apathy & stupidity.
(Do you think the Libs have a chance, love?)....Give me air!
It's getting very, very late. God help your children; they'll need it....& they will curse you for the gutless manner in which you sold their birthright.

11:30 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Yes, the British are surrender monkeys. The French are not. They go about things with guile and steely determination.

I was living in France when Chirac banned the hijab in school, and I was astounded at how steadfast he and the education minister Jack Lange were in the face of accusations of anti-mohammadenism, prejudice, caring nothing for other people's traditions, blah blah blah blah.

They were always courteous,but neither ever budged a centimetre. They didn't budge the thickness of a fingernail. "We're banning the hijab. No. No exceptions for specially religious families." End of story.

The day came; the hijab got banned. And guess what! The world went on just as before. Chirac had no problem with intestinal fortitude facing them down. Neither did Jack Lange. Neither, last Christmas, did Sarko, who, for additional flavour, threw in some shouts of "Scum!" at them in public appearances.

It is the British who are cowards. WWII was won by Winston Churchill. Without him, Britain would have surrendered.

2:37 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Can you imagine a British politician having the guts to shout "Scum" at some of these mohammedan demonstrators advocatingthe downfall of Britain? They wouldn't dare. The police would surround him/her with tanks and machine guns.

2:54 pm  

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