Friday, September 22, 2006

Day of Rage Watch

Today is the international Day of Rage against the Pope. Funny, looks like any other Friday to me.

Malaysia :

Pakistan :

Iran :

Egypt (the sign says "All of us are ready to die for Prophet Mohammad") :

Update 3pm. Of course, you know who's really to blame for the Pope's remarks, don't you? The Jews...
Demonstrators burn an Israeli flag during a protest against Pope Benedict's remarks on Islam after Friday prayers in Tehran September 22, 2006. REUTERS/Caren Firouz (IRAN) :

A Palestinian protester holds an unflattering picture showing Pope Benedict XVI during a demonstration against his recent speech about Islam, following prayers in front of the Dome of the Rock mosque in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City, Friday, Sept. 22, 2006. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)
(Note the Star of David) :

(All photos via Yahoo News)


Anonymous La Boheme said...

Bagsy I get first dibs on the one with the black and white beard.


2:35 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

Just what is it with Friday prayers that turns the faithful into supercharged nutters?

Do they lace the communal mint tea with speed or something?

2:42 pm  
Blogger rexie said...

I don't give a fuck what any imam thinks about christianity, but I would expect it to be at least mildly critical. Why, on the other hand, should christians be expected to show respect to a set of beliefs, set up in opposition to their own, and, at least by their lights, heretical?

(This is quite separate from the question of respecting individuals of different faith or of protecting their right to worship freely in whatever way they choose).

3:08 pm  
Anonymous La Boheme said...

Rexie - because they're totally illogical. You'd be better off banging your head against a brick wall than to ever expect them to answer your question.

3:12 pm  
Anonymous JuliaM said...

Love the hood in that last photo!

Reminds me of something but I just can't put my finger on what.....

3:13 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

I know how we can get rid of these suckers - or at least get them to STFU. Cut off their right arms.

3:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If these tossers lived in civilised countries with half-way decent governments and economies, instead of in failed Islamic toilets, they'd have jobs, and wouldn't have the time to spend all day masturbating their inadequacies in front of tv cameras.

Of course, if they weren't members of a degenerate death cult that has condemned its adherents to centuries of backward savagery, maybe they wouldn't be so eaten up with inadequacy in the first place.

Possibly their ONLY chance is to convert en masse to Christianity, and stop strapping bombs to their kids / marrying their cousins.

5:34 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Perhaps the only chance we have left, Anonymous 5:34, is for us to convert en masse to Christianity.

5:44 pm  
Blogger Pondering American said...

One point should be observed. It appears to me that there are no huge protest. The Arab and Muslim street seems to have given the whole affair a big yawn. I think its important to see the photos. But it appears the numbers(or lack there of) show the true context. Perhaps there is hope

6:55 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

pondering American - hope for what? As though our wellbeing in our own country depends on the mood of primitives in our midst.

There will only be hope when the British electorate grabs its elected representatives round the throat and says: "You're my servant. Do what II tell you to do, not what your party leadere tells you to do."

8:14 pm  
Blogger permanentexpat said...

My,my,my......"If some of these tossers lived in civilized countries....."

But they DO;....they DO

Are you bloody blind as well as stupid?

How many wake-up calls do you need?

10:31 pm  
Blogger George Bruce said...

Looking at those photos brings two words to mind:

Cluster bombs

4:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Egypt (the sign says "All of us are ready to die for Prophet Mohammad") - Their terms are acceptable.

3:20 pm  

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