Thursday, September 28, 2006

David Aaronovitch: No Excuses for Terror

"Who is really responsible for the suicide bombers that target us? Is it the fault of George Bush or Tony Blair? Are we all somehow to blame? David Aaronovitch, journalist and commentator, has had enough of this argument. He asks how we've got to the point where British Socialists support Islamofascist Terrorism. Aaronovitch explains where the left have gone wrong on Israel, Palestine, the War in Iraq and the War on Terror."
Watch the whole thing at Harry's Place. Recommended.

Update. Last week the same slot was given over to the moonbat viewpoint. You can see "moral philosopher" Ted Honderich's film The Real Friends of Terror here (with guest appearances from the likes of Tony Benn and Jenny Tonge). Hat tip JohnM.


Blogger Rastaman said...

Lack of vigilance is at fault. Complacency is at fault. Political Correctness is at fault. Liberalism is at fault.

Now we have Vigilance. That's a start.


4:27 am  
Anonymous JohnM said...

This program followed Honderich’s The Real Friends of Terror, which showed last week and was premised upon the opposite argument. I did watch it via the internet but I can't find the link right now - I will post it tonight.

The whole thrust of the program was that terrorism was all the fault of Israel and subsequently the US failure to stop them.

It featured a lovely scene with Jenny Tonge suggesting that we need to "get into the mind of the" terrorist.

Quite nasty really.

9:20 am  
Anonymous JohnM said...

This site seems to have the link to a Real Player version of Honderich's program but media content is filtered at work so I can't check.

9:26 am  
Anonymous JohnM said...

Found the link. Honderich's program can be seen here.

11:56 am  
Anonymous archduke said...

it is a bit crazy, to say the least, when you have so called "socialists" in the middle of "we are all hezbollah" rallies.

what the fuck happened to "religion is the opium of the people"?

i have one word for the SWP/Respect crowd and it encapsulates what they really are, even though they wont admit it - the word is Nazi.

10:12 pm  
Blogger TheCallToSense said...

Yes but they're a strange bunch - bits of Naziism such as hating jews, and bits of marxist communism - their obsession with the 'opressor' and the 'opressed'... It doesn't matter who's right or wrong, sane or insane, they simply see the US and Israel as the evil opressors and the poor little palestinians (and all terrorist groups) as freedom fighters. It makes me sick to see all these people with Che Guevara t-shirts. He was a monster but at least he fought for freedom against the capitalist american scum whose only goal is to subjigate bla bla bla bla

7:06 pm  
Anonymous JohnM said...

Yes but they're a strange bunch - bits of Naziism such as hating jews, and bits of marxist communism

Why do you think that anti-semitism and communism don't go together. Apart from the evidence of extra-ordinary anti-semitism in post war USSR and Poland, there is plenty of evidence of leftist racism. Early socialists including Marx and Engels held racist views and expressed them in print. Mao threw out all foreigners. It's only from a very narrow modern perspective that the left has attempt to claim anti-racism for it's own.

12:36 am  
Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...

The main characteristic of socialism is to pick a succesful group to victimise becuase of jealousy.

National Socialism (Nazism) picked the Jews.
International Socialism (Communism) picked the entrepreneur.
Planetary Socialism (Greenism) has picked capitalists.

11:04 pm  

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