Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Danes arrest terror suspects, BBC cringes

Charles Johnson at LGF:
The BBC reports that nine men of indeterminate origin, for reasons that are apparently a complete mystery but probably have nothing to do with Islam (otherwise they would say it, wouldn’t they?), have been arrested in Denmark on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks...
As Charles points out, if you want the details you have to look somewhere other than the world's biggest international broadcaster.


Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

The BBC, for obvious reasons, does not like to speculate when the facts are unclear. The BBC deals in facts, not speculation.


"Danish police have arrested nine suspected terrorists, the country’s security intelligence service says.

"The suspects, believed to be all [no, not Muslim] men under the age of 30, were picked up during overnight raids in Odense...[The] country’s Justice Minister, Lene Espersen, said it was likely they were planning an [terrorist] attack in Denmark."

But look!

'A [Russian] passenger plane has skidded [a clue as to the reason for the crash, possibly] off a runway and burst into flames in Iran's north-eastern city of Mashhad, killing 29 of those aboard...

'Iran has a terrible record of airline safety, our correspondent [Frances Harrison] says.

'One reason for this is US sanctions, which prevent the Iranian government from buying spare parts [from Russia] for its ageing [Russian] fleet or purchasing new aircraft from major aviation companies in the West, she adds.'

Tut tut, Franny.

Sorry, DfH - I just couldn't resist reviving Sister Harrison's report)

12:29 pm  

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