Thursday, September 28, 2006


Paul Belien reports on another night of trouble in Brussels. He also offers this insight into the left's attitude to Vlaams Belang, the anti-immigration party opposed to the Islamisation of Europe. The lefties are stoking fears that electoral success for VB may inspire violence in the immigrant community:
Meanwhile, Belgian artists warn that a victory of the “islamophobic” Vlaams Belang [Flemish Interest] party in the local elections on October 8th may lead to violence. In an interview in the Dutch-language weekly Knack Magazine this week painter Luc Tuymans says: “In the worst case you will get organised resistance, perhaps even rather violent reactions. I suspect many shopkeepers will have their windows smashed. People do not seem to be aware, but a vote for the Vlaams Belang may have serious consequences. They should realize this before they take a final decision in the voting booth.”
Following four nights of rioting this week, I suspect many shopkeepers will be voting for VB, not against them.
Tuymans is one the artists supporting the free 0110 concerts against the Vlaams Belang. The concerts are subsidized by the Belgian national lottery and are broadcasted on public radio and television. Another artist supporting 0110 is rock singer Arno, who said this week that Brussels is an example for the future of Europe, since it is “one of the only Arab cities which is not in a state of war.”

Last week, self-declared “anti-fascist” activists vandalised a car with Belgian licence plates in Amsterdam. They mistook the vehicle for the car of Vlaams Belang politician Filip Dewinter. The car, however, belonged to a French businesswoman based in Brussels. VB politicians are often the victims of acts of vandalism, including arson attempts. Yesterday the party announced that it has established a fund to reimburse local candidates whose properties gets damaged.
"Anti-fascist". Oh, the irony.


Anonymous Ernesto Ribeiro said...

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12:37 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

So, let me think this one through.

In Brussels, immigrant - likely Muslim - youths have been rioting on the streets for the last four nights.

And Belgian painter is warning that, if people vote for an anti-immigrant party in October's local elections, there will be rioting on the streets.

So if people don't vote for the anti-immigration party, there will be rioting on the streets; and if they vote for the anti-immigration party, there will be rioting on the streets.

It's a win-win, isn't it?

1:01 pm  
Anonymous JuliaM said...


Apparently, you DO get to choose who does the rioting though.....

6:31 pm  

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