Saturday, September 30, 2006

BBC: "Has Denmark learned its lesson?"

It’s a year since the Danish Mohammed cartoons were first published, and the BBC’s Thomas Buch-Andersen has an article looking at the fallout from the affair. This line stands out:
The question everyone is asking is has Denmark learned its lesson?
Thomas, for one, welcomes his new Islamic overlords.


Anonymous fandango said...

look at the first sentence and its capital "P".
He also mentions that Danish exports to Muslim states declined - but fails to mention that they actually *increased* to non-Muslim states (presumably because everyone started buying Danish bacon, butter & beer out of solidarity... i know i did. and continue to do so.)

7:47 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

'Sitting next to Mr Haarder at the opening ceremony was imam Ahmed Abu-Laban - one of the driving forces in spreading the row worldwide.'

'The question everyone is asking is has Denmark learned its lesson?'

If Denmark had 'learned its lesson' it would have arrested him. It was this imam's, not the cartoonists', actions that led to the deaths of hundreds of people worldwide. Your average Kashmiri goat-herder is unlikely to be a great aficionado of the Danish media, so how come he and his buddies went out and rioted? This was political Islam picking a fight and the western media just let them go ahead and do it.

Okay, so it would be tricky to bring that fucker Laban to court but I find it quite staggering that this article downplays the effect of the very well orchestrated campaign of violence that was instigated by Laban and his Islamist bum-chums around the world.

Besides, I do not feel the need to apologise for, or 'learn lessons' from, the fact that Steve Bell is an astonishingly shite cartoonist. Why should the Danes feel any guilt whatsoever about a dozen cartoons?

10:59 pm  

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