Friday, September 15, 2006

The BBC and Iran

The editor of US trade publication Editor and Publisher Greg Mitchell (of recent stealth-editing fame) wrote an article in April calling on the media to propagandise on behalf of Iran:
Will Press Put Out Fire on Iran?

The media dropped its guard in the run-up to the attack on Iraq. Will they redeem themselves if pressure builds for an air strike or war against Iran? There are some indications that some lessons may have been learned.

By Greg Mitchell

(April 13, 2006) — If you have watched any baseball at all, even the occasional World Series game, you are probably familiar with the concept of the bullpen ace getting a chance for “redemption.” That is, he can blow a game one night and come back the next in the ninth inning and save the day, or even the season. Announcers always say, “he got a chance to redeem himself.”

Newspapers may be in the role of bullpen stopper right now, with the current Iran “semi-crisis.” In baseball lingo, they should try to “put out the fire” there, after losing one for the home team in Iraq three years ago.

To those who would say that this inflates the power or even role of the press in America today, I would reply: You don’t expect the Democrats to keep us out of war, do you? Just as they would not stand up to the president on Iraq for fear of appearing “weak on terror,” they would likely be wary of appearing “weak on the Tehran Bomb.” Let’s face it: All the Democrats want to do right now is stagger through to November with an unpopular president in office, and hope that, maybe, they can re-take at least one house of Congress — without having to stick their necks out.

So the media, usually only a middle-reliever or in a mop-up role on this playing field, might have to pitch with the game on the line.
The BBC must please him no end:
“Uncovering Iran - A season of programmes aimed at challenging some of the perceptions still held about this intriguing country”.


Anonymous La Boheme said...

In anticipation of your posting a thread about "anger in the Muslim world" about the Pope's comments.

It doesn't take much to cause "anger in the Muslim world" does it?

I'm bloody angry about 9/11; 7/7; about long queues at Gatwick airport going through security; at not being able to take a lipstick in my handluggage etc.

Err. That's it.

12:16 pm  

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