Saturday, August 12, 2006

UN ceasefire resolution

From AP News via the Guardian:
The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously today to approve a resolution aimed at ending the month-long Lebanon crisis.

...authorises the deployment of a 15,000-strong UN peacekeeping force with beefed-up powers working together with 15,000 Lebanese troops in the south of the country...

The resolution authorises the UN force, known by its acronym Unifil, to take "all necessary action" to stop the area it patrols from being using for any kind of hostile activities.

But in a significant concession to the Lebanese it will still have a traditional peacekeeping mandate, under Chapter 6 of the UN charter.

A Chapter 7 mandate, which Israel had wanted, allows troops to use military force to enforce peace.
With no mandate to enforce the peace, UNIFIL is worse than useless.

Increasing UNIFIL to 15,000 peacekeepers? Sweet!
* 15,000 construction workers who will rebuild infrastructure for Hezbollah.
* 15,000 human shields who will sit in front of Hezbollah rocket launchers
* 15,000 international peacekeepers who will make it impossible for Israel to defend itself
* 15,000 duplicitious bastards who will outright lie about how they filmed - and de facto aided - Hezbollah attackers who crossed a border to kill and kidnap Israeli soldiers.


Anonymous leon said...

I have read that the two Israeli soldiers were captured in Lebonon. Who is correct? I suppose it depends on who you read.

9:35 pm  

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