Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thwarted Terror Plot - "British-born Muslims ... er... men"

Update. I misheard the annoucement on Today. What the BBC's Stephen Sackur actually said, reading an incoming report, was this: "We understand that it is now being suggested by officials that British-born ... er... men were involved in the alleged plot." Could something else have been written after "British born" that caused Sackur to pause? Whatever the case, I apologise for suggesting that Muslims might in any way have been involved in this attempted terrorist attack. What was I thinking?

Further update. Sackur's missing word? This from Sky News:
"Sky News' Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt said he had been told the threat was imminent and those arrested were mainly young, British-born Asian men."
Compare that with this from the BBC's article linked to below:
According to BBC sources the "principal characters" suspected of being involved in the plot were British-born.
Update 10am. Gary Fennelly writing in the Belfast Telegraph:
Up to 20 people, thought to be young British Muslims, have been arrested. The arrests followed a 'pre-planned intelligence led operation' by the Met's anti-terrorist branch.
So there's at least one journalist out there who doesn't feel constrained by political correctness.

Update 6.30pm. Marc at USS Neverdock notes that an extra sentence has been added to the BBC report:
According to BBC sources the "principal characters" suspected of being involved in the plot were British-born. There are also understood to be links to Pakistan.
Still can't say the 'M' word can they? Marc also has screencaps showing that the word "terrorist" has been excised from the opening paragraph. Weasels.

(Original post.) Radio 4's Today show has just reported that 'sources' say British-born Muslims were among those arrrested in this morning's raids.

A terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight from the UK to the US has been disrupted, Scotland Yard has said.

It is thought the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled on aircraft in hand luggage.

Police have arrested about 18 people in the London area after an anti-terrorist operation lasting several months.

Security at all airports in the UK has been tightened and delays are expected. MI5 has raised the UK threat level to critical - the highest possible.

According to MI5's website, critical threat level means "an attack is expected imminently and indicates an extremely high level of threat to the UK".
Another example of unwarranted discrimination?
U.K. anti-terror laws are discriminating against Muslims and indirectly fuelling extremism, the country's top-ranking Asian police officer said Monday.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur said that anti-terror practices such as stop and search tended "to be based more on physical appearance than being intelligence-led," leading to a sense of anger and alienation among the Muslim community.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Segregated housing...DONE.
Segregated Alton Towers...DONE.
Segregated air travel...WHY NOT?

8:29 am  
Blogger Rottweiler Puppy said...

Segregated air travel...WHY NOT?

Um ... because it wouldn't have stopped them carrying out 9/11. Well, except for the fact that a fourth plane would've slammed into the White House as well. Somehow, 'Let's roll' sounds a lot more attractive to me than a planeload of Allah Akbars.

I do take your point, though. So how about segregated trains, buses and shipping?

9:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Better about segregated countries?

9:18 am  
Anonymous anon2 said...

"British born Asians" is not right either. There are plenty of patriotic British Asians of hindu or sikh origin who despise Islamic fanaticism. Our ancestors had to fight for survival against this monsterous religion for over 1000 years. So let's get it right, eh? It's "British born Muslims" that are out to drag all the rest of us down into their hell.

11:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where can I get my "we're all IDF now" t-shirt?

11:51 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There will come a day soon when the ban on "racial profiling" will be jettisoned. It will be a big, bloody, event, but at that point people will say "enough."

Sorry to my innocent Indian-Hindu friends, who look Pak, but you need to step out of the security line for a full search too. Pakistani, Arab, Persian, Indonesian, sorry to all you innocents, but please step out of the line for a full body search. No hand luggage for you. Grandma, you can pass.

12:23 pm  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

"Better about segregated countries?
9:18 AM"

already done. India / Pakistan.

hasnt stopped the jihadists though.

12:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't suppose Lizzie can persuade Parliament to bring back the royal executioner to give these Pakis a proper send-off for high treason? Hanging, drawing and quartering, and placing their heads on pikes on Tower Bridge seems appropriate.

1:38 pm  
Blogger Yankee Pride said...

Let's just segregate the living and the dead. These bastards can be segregated into the DEAD section and the rest of us can be left in the LIVING section.

1:44 pm  
Blogger Eric said...

How does one defeat an enemy he refuses to name?

I makes me think of the Harry Potter books..."It was Lord Vold-" -- "Shhh! Don't mention he-who-must-not-be-named!"

1:51 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Much as I adore the idea of segregated countries, Charles Martel, neither India nor Pakistan is segregated. There are 11m Muslims in India and there are plenty of Hindus living in Pakistan. Pakistan has Islamic laws. India is a normal country.

2:12 pm  
Anonymous Phyllis said...

Somewhere I read that the Lockerbie explosion was caused by something that was in the baggate compartment. If that was true, why are we trusting checked baggage? And baggage handlers that may be on their side?

2:28 pm  
Blogger permanentexpat said...

I see that John Reid has said the unthinkable that "the current threat is the most dangerous since WW2". Well, he's half-way there; it's far more dangerous and the enemy is INSIDE the gates, verdammt nochmal! He then goes on to say, with the utmost lack of intestinal fortitude, that religion 'has nothing to do with it'....What planet is this man, together with a goodly idiot proportion of Septic Islanders, living on?
Religion has EVERYTHING to do with it and that religion is radical Islam. Grow up, Reid.
It has been mentioned time without number that this 'young Asian men' cop-out is a misnomer. Correct is 'young Islamic terrorists'
That young Asian men who are neither terrorists nor of Islam must suffer from this grossly unfair epithet is a reflection on the abject cowardice of the MSM.
Holy mackerel, what has become of the land of my fathers. Not the same breed of men & women who fought for their now ridiculous little Septic Isle. White head-in-the-sand appeasers, a gumment stocked with Quislings...and an implacable enemy living among you.
God help you....

5:09 pm  
Blogger Iconobif said...

When I first heard "Asian men held in terror plot", I was like wtf, dude.

I thought it was some Chinese communist bastards. Why can't we all just say it how it is?

5:11 pm  
Blogger Mr Eugenides said...

As someone pointed out at Samizdata, the Beeb's carefully-worded term "British Asians" is by any useful measure racist, since it damns anyone who comes from that continent.

"British Muslims", quite apart from being accurate, also conveys the point that these people (terrorists and suicide bombers) are distinguished not by their origin but by their beliefs, and the choices they make.

5:31 pm  
Blogger Cosmo said...

Good point, Mr. Eugenides.

The media attempt to demonstrate their multi-culti bona fides and exquisite sensitivity by doing precisely what they set out not to do to Muslims. That is (by its own PC standards), 'tarring' all British-born decendants of the entire sub-continent and beyond.

Can we now all agree that policital correctness is the impossible-to-apply, hall-of-mirrors absurdity it has always been?

9:51 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Why is there an assistant police commissioner called Tariq Ghaffur? There weren't any British qualified for the job? Hello? He has his "job" because of patronage so what he emits out of his Islamic mouth doesn't count.

Because of this programme of imposing lies on genuine British people, I actually have begun to discount any word of the mouth of a person with an ethnic name. Before they started fiddling with identities and lying to the indigenes, I would have thought, "Oh! How interesting!"

But now I know it's a set-up. They're sticking Muslims into jobs they are not qualified for by education, mentality or moral standards.

It's like the BBC website. Whenever they want to illustrate a British story, they feature a W Indian or sub-continental. Police? W Indian officer or sub-continental. Schools? W Indian or sub-continental teacher plus a class full of ethnic immigrants, preferably Islamic shits and Islamic girls in their godawful hijabs.

The BBC has done its very, very best to pretend that Britain has not been a white nation since the beginning of time.

You never see an indigenous Brit on the BBC site unless it is someone with a name. One cannot illustrate a comment by Dave Cameron, for example, with a photo of a Somali. People would catch on.

Everyone knows John Prescott is indigenous, so no point in trying to palm of a generic black photo. But everything else, non-indigenous.

For this fierce propaganda against our homeland, British people are, like lambs to the slaughter, paying their license fees. They are complicit in their own destruction.

1:59 am  
Blogger hutchrun said...

There are pockets of deprivation and half of those surveyed reported discrimination. The Metropolitan Police in London recorded 932 faith hate crimes against Sikhs and Hindus in the month after the July 7 bombings last year.

An interviewee in Leicester told researchers: “The Asian word is abused. I would rather someone called me Indian.,,2-2264215,00.html

3:27 am  
Anonymous PortHardy said...

re: Anonymous @ 11:51pm
"where can I get my "we're all IDF now" t-shirt?"
I got mine at Excellent service and quality for $14.00 US.

I think my next one will be from: I lke their "overseas volunteer" T.
I'm definetly that.

4:03 am  
Blogger Carpsio said...

By they of Asian, Pakistani, Muslim descent or inclination, and be they Radicalised, Militant, disenfranchised or plain old marginalised

I vote for the more direct: "Cunts"

12:15 pm  
Blogger chooseDoubt said...

Just for the record, there are a lot more than 11 million Muslims in India. There are 150 million and they don't mix very well.

3:29 pm  
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