Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This says it all

From the comments at the BBC Editors’ Blog:
At 06:29 AM on 23 Aug 2006, Min wrote:

I live near Seattle, am a former journalist/foreign correspondent. I watch no American network news shows; only the BBC from PBS.Org. It's by far the most balanced coverage available in the English language in the US.

On the Middle East, for print journalism, I'll take Robert Fisk as head and shoulders above everyone else.
A fan of Robert Fisk says the BBC is balanced. Hmmm...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too enjoy reading Robert Fisk. But I don't believe he is appropriate for the BBC.

Sadly, I think many of the corporations journalists in the Middle East seem to think they are budding Fisks or Thesigers. They're not.

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that the BBC has a Rousseau-like 'noble savage' view of the Arab world. Its new Arabic service confirms this view - the BBC is coming to the Middle East to preserve the sanctity of the region. Or something.

Arabs and especially Arab Muslims are, in the eyes of the Beeboid, are being corrupted by Western imperialists and are merely fighting back. This may be true in some cases but it ignores that wider problem of Arab nationalism and the spread of political Islam.

Of course, the Beeboid would argue that the growth of Islam has come about as a result of anger with the West. Whatever. But the BBC has too many vested interests for my liking - its quest for world domination sickens me.

2:08 pm  
Blogger Sperestillan said...

What a load of crap from that guy. How can he possibly make out that the BBC is the only balanced news service when it's, from what he says, the only news service he listens to!
Before the internet I used to read many different newspapers, and watch all the news channels, as they are all biased to a certain extent and the only way to get a better understanding of what's going on was to listen to them all, comparing and contrasting.

2:09 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

He says he's a "former journalist/foreign correspondent". Strange usage.

1:10 am  
Anonymous Stuart said...

Hey, I live in Virginia, US of A since emigrating from GB four years ago. The BBC "news" is so biased it's painfully funny to watch - no wonder most of the old country is brainwashed.
BBC America is also pitiful and not worth watching 99% of the time, except for 'Life on Mars' and 'My Family'.

2:51 am  
Anonymous Verity said...

anonymous 2:08 p.m. makes an astute point. Now that he points it out, I think the BBC does indeed have a Rousseauesque view of the Arabs as noble savages. I think it's also all tied up with Florence of Arabia, dreamy costumes,falconry ...

3:36 pm  

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