Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday papers

Some news and views related to the terror plot from the Sundays.

The full extent of the terror threat facing Britain became apparent last night as security sources revealed that 'up to two dozen' terror investigations were operating across the country and that a number of suspects associated with last week's plot to bring down 10 airliners remained at large.

Pakistani intelligence sources alleged that one of the men arrested in connection with the bomb plot had been held following the London terror attack on 7 July last year. British security sources also linked the present investigation to that atrocity, saying the operation that led to Thursday's arrests began days after the 7 July attack. There are also claims that voicemails discovered after the first attack link the two events.
Mail on Sunday:
Terror suspects involved in the plot to bring down passenger jets over the Atlantic posed as relief workers to travel to Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan.

Key members of the British terror gang are understood to have travelled to the country's lawless border region with Afghanistan to learn bomb-making techniques.
Sunday Times:
SECURITY sources believe that a man arrested in last week’s anti- terror raids in Britain is Al-Qaeda’s leader in this country.

Home Office officials say that one of those arrested is suspected not only of masterminding the foiled plot to bring down up to nine transatlantic airliners, but also of involvement in other planned atrocities over the past few years.

They believe that he was instrumental in sending the ringleader of at least one previous British terror plot for training at a camp in Pakistan last year. He is described by counter-terrorist officials at MI5 as the senior figure in a British terror network involving Kashmiri, north African and Iraqi cells.
Sunday Telegraph:
Prof Anthony Glees, the director of Brunel University's centre for intelligence and security studies, criticised university authorities for ignoring the threat to national security in their midst. "Institutions have not sought to address the problem: they have instead sought to undermine those who have raised the issue," he told this newspaper.

Extremist Muslim groups had been detected at more than 20 institutions, both former polytechnics and long-established universities, over the past 15 years, Prof Glees said...

According to security sources, "several" of the 23 people still in custody over the alleged plot last week are suspected of links to universities, appearing to confirm growing fears that campuses are providing Britain's biggest security threat.
Sunday Times leader comment:
Why is Britain such a breeding ground for these young men, for that is what most of them are? Much can be ascribed to timidity on behalf of the authorities, wedded as they are to a multiculturalism that isolates many young men in ghettos and a reluctance to espouse British values through our schools and institutions. That appeasement was epitomised by the sanctuary offered to extremist Islamic groups in Britain — “Londonistan” — in the pathetic hope that it might offer some form of immunity from violence.
Echoed by Iain Martin in The Telegraph:
The elephant in the room is multiculturalism, which has become almost a religious tenet for much of our governing class.
Nick Cohen:
If they think about fascism at all, the majority of people in rich countries believe it died in the Forties. The idea that people will murder without limit for the impossible dream of an imperial caliphate still makes no sense to them. Within living memory, Europeans murdered without limit in the name of the equally impossible dreams of the 1,000-Year Reich and New Roman Empire, but modern Europeans can't see that the fevers they incubated have infected others.

So they pretend that Islamism doesn't exist or rationalise it as an understandable, if regrettably bloody, critique of Anglo-American foreign policy, as if what we are up against is the armed wing of the Liberal Democrats. I wonder how many explosions it will take to blow their comfort blanket away.
(You can imagine how well that's gone down in the comments.)


Blogger behaimah said...

Been hearing alot of folks expressing their concern that various British Foreign Policy has made the UK a bigger target for extremists. There are a whole range of obvious items they are conveniently ignoring. For example, these current liquid-explosive attacks were planned long before the current Israel-Hezbollah conflict. But that aside, we can all understand the self-preservation tactics they would like the government to employ. If the current administration would only support countries like Iran (and their calls for the extermination of all Jews, whilst denying the attempt by Hitler and co. to commit this very thing 60 years ago ever occurred), the only ire we will draw will be that of the Jewish community and we are pretty safe in the knowledge that areas like Golders Green are unlikely to send people to blow up trains. Simple solution.

However, if I may (that is, if the BBC allows this post), i would like to give an example of a precedent where a government endangering their own civilians, for the betterment of this plant. The much maligned USA was quite comfortable with it’s non-involvement in WWII in the early Forties. Whereas they did have to respond to the Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbour, they did not have to enter the European front. Similarly, governments like that of Australia and New Zealand committed the very lives of their young, in the interest of defending and liberating countries on the other side of the world. If these governments would have thought in the manner many are calling the British Government to act now, who knows what shape Europe would be in today. Who knows what language these very calls would have been made in....

12:24 pm  
Blogger permanentexpat said...

Expatriates, such as Verity & me, who have not forgotten what The Septic Isle used to be when inhabited by very different people..and know enough about history & sacrifice to achieve survival, are totally flabberghasted at the mindset in that travesty of a once proud nation.
Have you read no history (apart,OF COURSE, from the awful German episode)?
Have you neither eyes nor ears?
Have you not seen radical Islam at work in your own country?
Have you forgotten the bombings, the dead & the maimed?
Do you know the meaning of 'appeasement'?
Do you know that it meant nothing to Hitler? You should!
Do you know it means nothing to radical Islam? You should but don't.
Do you understand that you get the gumment you voted for & deserve?
Do you understand that radical Islam doesn't give a fuck about you except to have you 'out of the way'?
Well, lemmings, carry on in your blinkered I'm-sure-it'll-go-away foolhardy saunter to the precipice.
....and you won't even have the opportunity to realize your stupidity.
It is difficult to have any sympathy......only intense shame.

4:44 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Well, Permex, I agree with you to a large extent, but here is what I would do to remedy this foul situation:

1. In the cause of removing British identity,Tony Blair and his rat-faced acolytes flooded Britain with an alien, aggressive, superstitious and deeply ignorant tribal people. Not for their intrinic value, if any, but for their value as tools of destruction.

There has been a long-term deliberate and malicious weakening of our national identity.

What motivates these fellow travellers - the Kim Philbys, the Tony Blairs? Who knows?

2. My solution: if there is another incident in Britain, there should be a cold lockdown of every mosque in the country. This should last as long as it takes for every mosque to have been gone through with a fine tooth comb by the security services. If it takes a year, then that's how long it takes. Mosques that are clear of traces of terrorism and that clearly just operate as houses of religion, would reopen eventually. The rest would be subjects of forced sale, hopefully to pole-dancing clubs.

The death penalty for treason. Of course, these bomber wannabees wanted to die anyway, but in the cause of their allah, not the security of Britain, which will give them plenty to be aggrieved about until they feel the first needle of the lethal injection. No appeals, by the way.

The withdrawal of every Bengali interpreter, every Urdu interpreter, every Somali interpreter, etc from every government office in Britain. Let these limpets be employed by the people who use their services. Or better yet, let those people learn the language of the country: English. Having one parent who does not speak the language of the country puts children at school at an enormous disadvantage. In fact, it's child abuse.

The immediate outlawing of first-cousin marriages as incestuous. I think of a lot of weak-minded Pakistani men involved in what they see as the glamour of terrorism are mildly defective. Generations of inbreeding of first-cousin marriages mean that NHS figures themselves show that 30% of all British birth defects in NHS hospitals are ethnic Pakistanis. (This would also mean the end of trips to tribal areas to bring back a backward bride who's a first cousin.) In fact, a moratorium on immigration from Pakistan. Yes, it's discriminatory. So what?

Massive police attention to be deployed tracking down illegals and deporting them after a summary hearing. No notice. If found guilty, they would be taken to the nearest airport and held until their was a planeload and deported after being forced to give a swab of their DNA and a retinal photograph.

No burqa-clad women allowed in government buildings (including schools) or banks. No burqa-clad women allowed to drive cars. Everyone must show their faces in a civilised society.

Closure of the Muslim Council and its legion of clones until a deep investigation of their activities has been undertaken.

These are all showy things that would get the attention of the islamics (and send the lefties into cardiac arrest. Good, let's hope it's fatal) and demonstrate a steely determination to hose out the country and only have the immigrants we want. I am sure there will be Pakistanis included among the desirables. I'm aware that there are already some very brave Pakistanis who do pass information along to the police, at some risk to themselves. These fine people are an assett to our country and we want them.

The damage Tony Blair has wrought to his own country has been spectacular. I wonder what his problem is.

5:13 pm  
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Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

"Nice your site and power also and good design."

I agree. It's such a good site I think I shall go and play online bingo.

Can anyone recommend a good online bingo site?

11:59 pm  
Blogger permanentexpat said...

Clematis fraudster & whatever bingo are typical of the type of septicemia which has transformed the UK into The Septic Isle. Further comment is hardly necessary.

12:27 am  
Anonymous Verity said...

Clematis Fraudster - Oh, gosh, I wish I had at least one to suggest, but I don't believe I've ever come across one or heard of one, even. Hmmmm.

Online bingo, eh? It sounds like an utterly vapid idea run by loathesome slimy retards. Are you really sure it exists?

12:41 am  
Anonymous Stuart said...

"an utterly vapid idea run by loathesome slimy retards"

No, that would be Whitehall... and as an expat myself, I sometimes find it hard to believe it exists too!

3:27 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"an utterly vapid by loathesome slimy retards". Clematis Fraudster's opened his own site?

12:11 am  
Blogger DFH said...

What's with the attacks on Clematis? He's one of the good guys.

4:25 pm  
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