Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Pakistan & forced marriages

From the Associated Press (via Dhimmi Watch):
Rape features prominently in forced marriages of foreigners, said Helen Feather, head of consular affairs at the British High Commission. Women forced to wed against their will are often raped so they become pregnant, produce children and, in turn, cement themselves in an unwanted family union. Obtaining British nationality is also sought after by the husband in a bid to improve his economic situation...

Khalida Salimi, director of the Pakistani anti-domestic violence NGO Struggle for Change, said her workers have retrieved numerous foreigners, including young boys chained in village homes, who had been married against their will.

"It will take some time to make people understand that parents can't treat their children as commodities," Salimi said. "But in Pakistan, women and children are generally considered as possessions, not people."


Anonymous Verity said...

"But in Pakistan, women and children are generally considered as possessions, not people."

Then WTF are we doing letting these primitives into our civilised country? Their mores are not our business. Just get them out of our faces.

8:51 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should we care..they despise us anyway.

9:36 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

We should care because they are taking up space in our country and they are oxygen thieves. We should care because they are a drain on NHS resources. They account for three percent of births in Britain, and a massive 30% of birth defects. These are accounted for by all these incestuous first-cousin marriages for generations and generations.

If nothing else, we need a formal announcement that first cousin marriages are incest and incest is illegal in Britain.

Anonymous 9:36 - I have no more interest in whether they despise our advanced society than I care whether a flea doesn't find our advanced society to its liking, what with flea spray and all, but I would like them out of it.

11:18 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These incestious marriages are breeding an alarming number of "special needs" kids who are bussed every day to "special needs" establishments. Sometimes 3 or 4 from the same family!

8:41 am  
Anonymous Verity said...

As I said, Anonymous 8:41, they account for THIRTY PERCENT of all birth defects on the NHS. Three percent of the population. Thirty percent of the birth defects.

Time for someone to act, on behalf of the British taxpayer? Outlaw first cousin marriages. These people are the products of generations and generations of first cousin incest. They are a genetic disaster - not that I care about them personally, but they are costing NHS resources that should properly be spent on British people (by which I mean indigenous people and well-integrated, productive immigrants). They have no call on the NHS to pay for their breeding abnormalities, which are avoidable by not marrying close family members. They are foul in every respect.

2:37 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They also account for a large portion of obstetric patients due to female genital mutilation. FGM also causes a lot of post-natal problems, but heaven help the doctor who speaks out against it.

11:26 pm  

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