Monday, August 21, 2006

One third don't trust TV

Telecom Express:
The British public put as much trust in the information they receive from the television as they do in their friends, according to a survey out this week.

The research by Telecom Express, an interactive marketing company, also found that traditional media brands are far more trusted than websites or blogs.

Respondents were asked what percentage of the information they received from various sources they believed to be accurate, true and unbiased.

The most trusted source of information was television, scoring 66 per cent, just as highly as family and friends.
Or put another way, 1/3 of those asked don't trust TV as an information source.
The most marked contrast was between the credibility of established media brands, compared with websites (36 per cent) and blogs (24 per cent).
Telecom Express clients include the BBC, Sky, Channel Five, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Times, News of the World, Financial Times, Evening Standard, magazine publisher EMAP and newsagent chain WH Smith.


Blogger permanentexpat said...

One third doesn't trust the MSM and the other two thirds think it doesn't tell the truth.

3:24 pm  

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