Thursday, August 10, 2006

Not the Beirut woman

I’ve been sent so many possible sightings of the unlucky Beirut woman that I might have to do a gallery of look-alikes. This suggestion from an anonymous commenter was particularly interesting:

A number of people have emailed to suggest that the pictures of a woman apparently dying in her son's arms which anti-Israeli hackers are leaving on some websites might also be the Beirut lady:

(I took the above screencap from here but the images have been removed. Update 2.15pm British time. The pictures are there again, and a note from the hackers saying it's a "massive cyber-protest". The main part of the website, a German DVD retailer, seems untouched.)

This is not the same woman. These pictures were taken by a Getty photographer in Tyre on July 23.

TYRE, LEBANON - JULY 23: (US MAGAZINES OUT UNTIL 30th OF JULY 2006) An injured Lebanese boy holds his mothers hand after a rocket from an Israeli aircraft hit thier van as they fled thier village July 23, 2006 in Tyre, Lebanon. According to reports, at least 130 people have died in Tyre since the begining of the airstrikes. (Photo by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad/Getty Images)
One thing to note - the photographer mentions this scene in a Guardian article, and points out that she didn't die:
As it is, Abbas's mother is still alive, although still in intensive care, but Abbas was not to know this then. He buried his face in his hands and wept, while his brother Ali stood nearby, one hand bandaged and his eyes on the horizon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time magazine uses a picture that is obviously from the same series as these featuring this woman and boy. The caption says "An injured boy seeks comfort from his mother after an Israeli plane bombed their van in Tyre, Lebanon last week." See Aug. 7 2006 issue, pg 26-27, "Why the Middle East Crisis isn't Really About Terrorism" by Lisa Beyer.


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