Monday, August 14, 2006

More Green Helmet Guy propaganda

Richard North responds to an AP puff-piece on Green Helmet Guy with an in-depth analysis of the images from Qana over at EU Referendum. And he's not messing about:
"...we have spoken to sympathetic Members of Parliament on this side of the pond and are exploring the possibility, in the new Parliamentary session, of a Select Committee inquiry on the way the media have been corrupted, using the Qana incident as a case study, but bringing in the other well-documented evidence of media fraud. We ask our cousins across the Atlantic to do likewise, in the hope that we could perhaps mount a parallel Congressional Committe of Inquiry, examining in depth how the process of newsgathering has become corrupted.

Clearly, if the likes of Associated Press cannot even recognise how corrupt it has become, then there is little hope of internal procedures and inquiries making any improvements. It has come to the stage where external agencies must take a hand.
Some journalists, like Tim Ruttens, have recognised the serious implications for their profession, but they are in the minority. Too many follow the Jeremy Bowen line and regard the blogosphere as "background noise" to be "tuned out". Perhaps a Select Committee inquiry will help clear their sanctimonious ears.


Anonymous Verity said...

The always excellent Richard North! Brilliant idea to try to get government enquiries going on both sides of the Atlantic. How about including Canada, now that Harper is the PM and the muzzies had hatched a Heath Robinson plot to behead him in public?

John Howard's government may also be interested.

3:57 pm  

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