Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lord Avebury

Don't know why but this blog post by Lib Dem peer Lord Avebury amused me:
Ping pong disaster, and weight

Just when I had narrowed the gap, JW beat me 2-0 yesterday and 2-1 today, making the score 44-39.

Calculated my body mass index (BMI) today - weight in kilograms (63.6) divided by height in metres (1.725) squared = 21.37. Normal is between 18.5 and 24.9 so I'm almost smack in the middle of the safe range.

Why don't GPs routinely screen their patients by measuring their BMI, and hand them leaflets on the health risks of being overweight if necessary?

Since obesity is caused by excess use of certain ingredients in food like sugar, couldn't those ingredients be made subject to VAT?
Tomorrow's post?
Fluff and nonsense

Harvested 2.97 mg of fluff from my navel today, taking the month’s total to 71.54 mg.

Why don’t we recycle bellybutton lint like we do newspapers and glass and such like? The bin-men could collect it once a month, say, and we could turn it into blankets for Africa or something.

I’m going to write a letter about this.


Anonymous La Boheme said...

Trimmed 3.29 mgs of toe and fingernails this morning (making a monthly total of 12.35 mgs) and deposited into large, plastic bag that I keep by my bed.

When it is full I am going to recycle the clippings as chippings on my newly-laid drive (thereby doing my bit against further erosion of our beaches).

Wouldn't it be a good idea if everyone was encouraged to recycle their nail clippings?

12:04 pm  

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