Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Indonesian terrorists to fight Israel?

Here's an AFP story from Yahoo News:
JAKARTA (AFP) - Hardline Indonesian Islamic volunteers who want to go fight Israel in Lebanon and the Palestinian territories have paraded in the streets as police vowed to stop them leaving the country.

About 30 black-clad members of the Indonesian Mujahedin Council (MMI), which is led by a radical cleric who was convicted over the 2002 Bali bombing, jogged in formation as members opened registration for more volunteers.
The story is illustrated with this picture of menacing looking jihadis:

This next photo of the same group, taken as they line up to sign on for the war against Israel, wasn't used:

Not quite so terrifying. Look at the size of them compared with the guy on the left. They're just kids. In the unlikely event they really do end up in Lebanon or Palestine at least they'll provide photogenic corpses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the sooner the little tossers get in front of IDF ammo, the better.

i've never subscribed to the 'Iraq etc create terrorists' line. there is a relatively limited pool of nutters of this type. the sooner they are exterminated, the better. and once a reasonable proportion of them HAVE been exterminated, i suspect that the supply of fresh nutters will start to dry up.

so - although it has been miserable for the normal Iraqis, to put it mildly - it has done the rest of the world a HUGE favour to draw the nutters into the cauldron where they are up against a really well-equipped and trained opponent (the US, and to a lesser extent, the Brits & now the developing Iraqi security forces) and are taking very serious casualties.

The more we can kill over the next 2 years or so, the quieter the world will be.

I bet the other kids in the schools these little wankers come from can't wait to wave them off on jihad! They look like real fun schoolmates...

10:32 am  
Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...

Yep. We are "genetically engineering" a useful muslim by culling the stupid.

More, faster.

11:40 am  
Anonymous Verity said...

I agree that these towel heads are signing up for a programme of natural selection. They will shortly be removed from the gene pool, leaving the human race that little bit smarter.

1:52 pm  
Anonymous Dave said...

Classic post, really made me laugh!

Then I read the comments and I am still rolling around in my chair chortling as I type. Pretty extreme, bigoted comments, or just truth cloaked in jest! I dunno, but I really can't help laughing, I know its bad!

3:26 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Dave - Just to clarify: My comments are not bigoted. A bigot is someone who makes decisions based on prejudice rather than information. All the data I have seen points to the irrefutable fact that Islam is the enemy of civilisation. I do not see anything bigoted in wishing my enemy ill.

3:39 pm  
Anonymous JuliaM said...

"In the unlikely event they really do end up in Lebanon or Palestine at least they'll provide photogenic corpses."

And if not.....there's always 'PhotoShop' !

5:33 pm  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

Yes, I too find it deeply hilarious that, from birth, millions of young people - who have had the fortune to be 'born' Muslim - are told that it is their duty to kill and die for Islam, to hate Jews and Infidels.

My sides quite literally split when I think of the vicious doctrine of religious supremacism that Islamism encourages in its supporters and would-be supporters.

I wonder if these young Indonesians have ever had a childhood? You know, where they have been able to play footie, kiss the girls, have parties and stuff?

6:33 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Little boys kissing girls in Indonesia, Clematis Fraud? I think not. Or the little girls would be murdered by their fathers for being whores.

10:24 pm  
Blogger crosspatch said...

Gee, looks like someone is going to need to donate a shipload of boots. Those guys aren't going to fare well in bare feet with all that debris on the ground. I can see the headlines now:

"Israel accused of war crime! Debris causing hirabah volunteers to stub their toes. 320 pinky toe injuries in the past 24 hours."

11:43 pm  

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