Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Government Minister - MPAC talks "load of crap"

When Muslim leaders wrote an open letter a fortnight ago suggesting just that, Foreign Office minister Kim Howells and Home Secretary John Reid fell over one another to condemn the comments as "irrational" and " facile".

The Communities minister, Phil Woolas, has taken up the baton at Bolton Wanderers Football Club, dismissing a young Muslim woman's views as "a load of crap".

Woolas, launching the Government's "tackling extremism" roadshow, got into a heated 10-minute discussion with Komal Adris, 27, there on behalf of the Muslim Public Affairs Committee.

"I told him that foreign policy was a real concern of mine," explains Adris. "He suggested I had an extremist view and my concerns were illegitimate. I accused him of patronising me."

Civil servants tried to usher Woolas away - to no avail. The minister snapped: "That's a load of crap," before walking off.
Get in there Phil!

. Recess Monkey notes the anti-semitic response to Woolas in the MPAC comments (hat tip This Scepter'd Isle)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitic?? oh give it a rest, why not debate before you silence your opponent?

10:47 am  

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