Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Casualties of War

BBC News:
Lebanon's prime minister has said only one person was killed in an Israeli air strike that earlier he said had killed more than 40 civilians.

(I see he's Taped Helmet Guy now)


Blogger Theo Spark said...

His friends at the BBC obviously lent him the tape. Maybe he is their chauffeur! PS. WSJ's Best of the Web is singing your praises, well done!

9:39 am  
Blogger Vote Franco (fdm) said...

I noticed this too, I couldn't believe it. I'd have thought they'd be avoiding showing him after all that's happened, but to then show him with a different coloured helemt, well it's as good as an admission of guilt as we're likely to get.

Tip for al-Beeb: we notice the face. Next time show him in a burqua and then we might not recognise him.

9:45 am  
Anonymous Alan G said...

I also saw the footage (on BBC World News) with an anguished John Simpson giving us the report from Tyre.

In addition to "Scotch Taped Green Helmet Guy", I also noticed that the same paramedic who has starred in other pictures (NOT white teeshirt man) appeared in shot. In fact, scroll down the main page to the picture of the body on the stretcher. The young "medic" in green looking up at Green Helmet. That's the guy. I'm almost certain young medic had exactly the same pose and look on the John Simpson report (wish I'd had the video running).

10:19 am  
Anonymous Verity said...

DFH also got a mention and a link on Little Green Footballs yesterday. LGF had over 7,000 visitors on its site at any one time yesterday, so that's a lot of new people introduced to DFH.

1:45 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Hey- Green Helmet Guy! That home tape job's not really effective 'cause we can still see the green helmet lurking underneath. Wouldn't you have been better to spray paint it? A resourceful fellow like you could get some white spray paint from somewhere - what with all your connections and all ...

1:48 pm  

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