Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Beeboid writes...

Great post by Rottweiler Puppy in response to a BBC employee who has had a pop at him on his blog Eyedropper. I get a mention from the Beeboid (he didn't like me mentioning Churchill's support for Israel), but what really struck me was his response to a comment about the Biased BBC (BBBC) blog:
I think someone from the BBBC or a similar organisation came into see how News Online was run for a day sometime last year. They left still believing that the BBC has an agenda, but at least there'd been some dialogue and explanation. As people's opinions of the BBC's (and other MSM) coverage rise during times of conflict perhaps they should look doing something like this again?
That's worth repeating - "people's opinions of the BBC's (and other MSM) coverage rise during times of conflict"

Now there's someone who's had his head up his arse for the past few days.


Blogger associatecontributor1 said...

What a dick. There really isn't much else to say.

1:37 am  
Blogger permanentexpat said...

Little did the native American know when he first spoke those memorable words: "White man speak with forked tongue" that his interlocutor was from the BBC.

2:04 am  
Blogger Rastaman said...

LOL, that's almost true! Actually the first to speak with the Indians were the Spanish, but that's close enough. :)
Next came the BBC types.

Well congratulations on your new found fame via the BBC, I guess.... Some things we might be better off without though....


2:11 am  
Blogger CF said...

Israel is about to strip the BBC of its press credentials.

3:35 am  
Anonymous Clematis Fraudster said...

If Israel does withdraw press passes for the BBC, it will do itself no favours. The BBC will interpret such a move as evidence that it is doing a 'good job'.

In reality, I imagine there will be little difference in the reporting should such a thing happen.

If Israel is flattened by an Iranian nuke on 22 August, at least the BBC's staff will be safe.

This memo merely confirms to me that the BBC is so smug and so far up its own arse it is beyond redemption.

11:47 am  

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