Friday, July 07, 2006


Lest we forget the real victims of 7/7, the Islamic Human Rights Commission is on hand with a sensitively-timed reminder:

Press Release: IHRC Releases Updated Report on Effects of Terror Laws on British Muslims

On the eve of the first anniversary of the London bombings, IHRC are releasing an updated version of British Anti-Terrorism: A Modern Day Witch-hunt, a study of the application of the anti-terror legislation in the UK since 9-11 and its implications for the Muslim community.
The author of this report, Fahad Ansari, was interviewed on Today this morning and produced the astonishing statistic that between 9/11 and May 2006 there have been… wait for it… 27 convictions under anti-terrorism legislation! Four and a half years - 27 convictions. Some witch-hunt.


Blogger Abu Abdullah said...

Very selective reporting of the interview - I thought you were against censorship.

Put the 27 convictions in context - over 950 arrests, majority of them Muslim, 141 charged and only 27 convictions, 7 of those being Muslim for offences relating to issues of no thrat to Britain - linked to trying to overthrow dictators like Qadhafi or military occupation in Kashmir and Chechnya. The other 20 odd convictions were of Tamils, Catholics and Protestants.

Dare you to publish the truth.

7:44 am  
Anonymous JuliaM said...

"7 of those being Muslim for offences relating to issues of no thrat to Britain"

Oh, well, that's all right then! Clown......

9:04 am  
Blogger DFH said...

Abu - In the interview Ansari drew parallels with medieval witch trials where the guilty were killed if they floated and the innocent drowned. If that was a true comparison all 950 of those arrested would now be serving prison sentences, but as you point out only a tiny fraction have been convicted. Why? Because we don’t have medieval standards of law here in Britain. The same cannot be said of many Islamic countries.

(And even with 950 arrests the security forces still missed the scum who murdered 52 people last July.)

6:59 pm  
Blogger Abu Abdullah said...

JuliaM, of course its alright - they were convicted of assisting groups fighting genocide in Chechnya and Palestine or trying to overthrow tinpot dictators in places like Libya. Please dont automatically assume they were involved in attacks on civilians - 99.9% of the attacks are against military targets which cannot be said for the Russians and the Israelis.

DFH,of course we dont execute everyone arrested in this country but I think the analogy is correct in that even those released are stigmatised by the police, their neighbours, their own community and the general public. Many continue to be harassed by security services and neighbours. Just imagine for a moment if it was you, your home raided in the middle of the night, you dragged off being beaten (or shot) in front of your family, your address posted all over the world, your name and image broadcast globally as the centre of a plot to destroy London ... and then being innocent, you are released. The damage has been done - nobody trusts you; just try getting a job after that.

We could all do worse than to actually read the report itself, even if we disagree with it and see where he is coming from. I have flicked through it and some of it is quite shocking.

On the standards of justice, it seems we in Britain are becoming the very thing we condemn - we detain without charge, we intern, we torture, we send to other countries to torture, we kidnap, we shoot first, ask question later - ask Mugabe, Qadhafi, Assad and the rest of these scumbags why they do these things, theyll say exactly what Blair says - national security.

12:10 am  

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