Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pseuds Corner

Bernard-Henri Levy on Zidane:
Here is a man of providence, a savior, who was sought out, like Achilles in his tent of grudge and rage, because he was believed to be the only one who could avert his countrymen's fated decline. Better yet, he's a super-Achilles who--unlike Homer's--did not wait for an Agamemnon (in the guise of coach Raymond Domenech) to come begging him to re-enlist; rather, he decided himself, spontaneously, after having "heard" a voice calling him, to come back from his Spanish exile and--putting his luminous armor back on, and flanked by his faithful Myrmidons (Makelele, Vieira, Thuram)--reverse the new Achaeans' ill fortune and allow them to successfully pull together.

And then this valiant knight who is a hair's breadth from victory and just minutes from the end of a historic match (and of a career that will carry him into the Pantheon of stadium-gods after Pelé, Platini and Maradona); this giant who, like the Titans of the ancient world, has known Glory, then Exile, then Return and Redemption; this redeemer, this blue angel dressed in white, who had only the very last steps to scale to enter Olympus for good, commits a crazy incomprehensible act that amounts to disqualification from the soccer ritual--the final image of him that will go down in history and, in lieu of apotheosis, will cast him into hell.
So there.


Anonymous Clematis Fraud said...

Zidane is a cool cat.

He never smiles or shows any emotion - he reminds me of our own Martin Johnson. You know: that bloke who won the WORLD CUP for ENGLAND.

Cept Johnson was much harder - he wouldn't have faffed around with head-butts to the chest. Oh no.

Johnson would have punched Matarazzi into Poland.

9:57 am  
Anonymous Clematis Fraud said...

There is a little message in the comments section of Biased BBC which mentions how BBC Radio Five Live employed a lip-reader to interpret Materazzi's words to Zidane. I cannot vouch for the veracity of this, but I am inclined to believe it!

Five Live translated Materazzi's words thus:

"You are the son of a militant whore."

So there you go: even hard-nosed Italian central defenders are aware that there are two sides to every story and they avoid the use of the 'T word' too.

Well done Five Live.

11:34 am  
Anonymous Starburst said...

Interesting that various lipreaders have been used and they've all come up with different reports of what was said!

Personally, I think Materazzi said "make me a cup of tea - there's a love".

I like your name, Clematis!

12:33 pm  
Anonymous Freddero said...

Completely off topic, but, I love the picture at the top of the blog. Who is it by and can I buy it from somewhere?

1:47 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

frederro - the picture is from a 1950s Mad magazine. It's a spoof advert with the tag line "Beer Belongs - Enjoy It!"

It's in Mad About The Fifties (my copy has a different cover but I'm assuming it's the same book)

3:45 pm  
Anonymous alison said...

lol - are you sure this hommage isnt from the other famous French footballer - the one with a great scissor jump technique and a penchant for poetry?!

11:58 am  

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