Sunday, July 16, 2006

Not in my name

Jacques Chirac (hat tip Grimer):
"I find honestly, as all Europeans do, that the current reactions are totally disproportionate"
No, Jacques. I stand with Israel.

(Regular updates of news and views at Pajamas Media, and links to many Lebanese and Israeli bloggers at Truth Laid Bear. Better than the BBC.)


Anonymous Starburst said...

I would disagree with anything that vile, corrupt man said anyway - on principal.

How DARE he deign to speak for me?

12:24 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

educate yourself

2:08 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Starburst, he doesn't speak for me because I am not a European. I am British.

Plus I support Israel.

2:41 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

anonymous said - educate yourself.

Not with the opinions of Larry C Johnson I won't. Here's what he wrote in the New York Times in July 2001:

"Judging from news reports and the portrayal of villains in our popular entertainment, Americans are bedeviled by fantasies about terrorism. They seem to believe that terrorism is the greatest threat to the United States and that it is becoming more widespread and lethal. They are likely to think that the United States is the most popular target of terrorists. And they almost certainly have the impression that extremist Islamic groups cause most terrorism.... None of these beliefs are based in fact.... While terrorism is not vanquished, in a world where thousands of nuclear warheads are still aimed across the continents, terrorism is not the biggest security challenge confronting the United States, and it should not be portrayed that way."

We all know what happened a couple of months later. Thanks all the same but I'll get my 'education' elsewhere.

3:00 pm  
Anonymous Starburst said...

I was going to say the same thing Verity (being British NOT European) but wondered whether I'd be shot down in flames!

I also support Israel and it's right to defend itself.

3:01 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

Verity and starburst - fair point. Actually, I'm English first.

3:08 pm  
Blogger TheCatInTheAdage said...

In war you do not have to respond proportionately, otherwise you are always on the defence.

On Chirac's watch the intifada has come to the streets of Paris. No one in Europe has done more to appease the threat of militant islam to so little effect. France will be ungovernable within 10 years.

6:25 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

catintheadage - Yes; what the lefties don't understand is, war isn't tit-for-tat. It isn't a playground game where everyone is cautioned to play fairly.

In a war, there's only one objective, and that is to win. The British used to understand this before the dead and destructive hand of "political correctness" or, to give it its proper name, "thought fascism", was brought in. The Israelis still understand it.

Everything is at stake. They are surrounded by sworn enemies. They've got to fight with everything they've got.

I support Israel.

10:46 pm  
Anonymous alison said...


thanks for the links theyre great.

11:39 pm  
Anonymous Starburst said...

I note that Hizbollah have been rebranded as 'Lebanese Militants' on the phone-in today on BBC Radio 5 Live.

10:55 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting angle on this at Adloyada

9:09 pm  

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