Sunday, July 23, 2006

London demo: "Victory Hezbollah"

Moonbat Media has pictures of the London pro-terrorist rally yesterday, where the signs declared "We are all Hizbullah" and "Victory Hezbollah".

Galloway: "I am here to glorify the Lebanese resistance, Hezbollah, and to glorify the resistance leader Nasrallah."

Nasrallah is a Holocaust denier ("The Jews invented the legend of the Nazi atrocities") and he wants to see the destruction of Israel ("So long as there is a state called Israel, disasters and suffering will continue. This is a cancerous body in the region... When a cancer is discovered, it must be dealt with fearlessly; it must be uprooted.") These are the beliefs yesterday’s marchers were supporting.

Compare the Moonbat Media gallery with these BBC pictures of yesterday's demos. No pro-Hezbollah placards, no swastikas, no pictures showing Israelis as blood-thirsty monsters.


Anonymous Verity said...

I can honestly say I've never seen an uglier bunch of people in my life. This should be taken as a terrible warning against inbreeding. And has there ever, ever, ever, in the history of the human race, been a less flattering garment than those burkas?

Surely the poster with the Israeli depicted as a pig is illegal?

The cutest were those five guys in suits. You're right; they look like a pop group that does cool moves during their songs. They looked too good-natured, happy and confident to belong to that ugly people's demo.

2:19 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

I'm not Jewish, but the more I think about that pig portrayal at their ugly demo, the angrier I get.

I suggest that if they really believe this vile, toxic garbage, then they wouldn't put any credence in life-saving medical procedures invented by pigs. Therefore, medical advances pioneered by Jewish doctors and scientists should be banned from use by Muslims. We should help them stand by their religious principles.

Wasn't Jonas Salk Jewish? Boom! No more polio vaccine for Muslim children! Nurse: You're Muslim under all those swathes of material aren't you? Just a lucky guess! Sorry, out of respect for your "religious" beliefs, your child isn't eligible for a vacine invented by a Jew.

Wasn't it mainly Jewish physicists who worked on the Manhattan project? Pakistan built a bomb using Jewish technology? How could that be?

I couldn't find the right combination of words to Google a list of Jewish medical discoveries and advances, but I know they are legion.

The vicious-looking boy who was carrying that pig cariacture should be arrested and charged with a hate crime. It's a two way street, Mo.

4:09 pm  
Blogger Charles Martel said...

the first step towards genocide , is to portray the "enemy" are something un-human. this is an important aspect in almost every genocide in the 20th century.

those moonbat placards are a step in that direction.

by way of comparision, one does not see the Israeli media full of portrayals of Arabs as blood thirsty monsters.


Because Israel doesnt have genocide on its agenda. However, Hamas and Hezbollah certainly do.
Interesting to see the Communist Party at that rally - an ideology that has killed more through genocide than Hitler ever managed.

They've now found fellow Jew-hating genocidal maniacs to cosy up to.

9:49 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

That young man carrying that pig cariacature deserves something mega unpleasant to happen to him. Like being sent to prison for hate crimes and having his cellmate fancy him.

But he won't be sent to prison for a hate crime, because he is from Dhimmi-Lab's favourite victim group. He'll get "counselling". Nothing is being done to control this situation in Britain because they want the immigrant vote - especially the wonderously large postal vote.

11:07 pm  
Anonymous Starburst said...

Why is George Galloway doing an Elvis impersonation?

11:26 am  

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