Monday, July 03, 2006

Jon Snow

Via Hot Air, MPAC praises Jon Snow’s anti-Israeli tirade against interview with the Israeli Deputy Ambassador to London as "one of the most sensational interviews of all time". Highlights from the leftie newsreader, who likes to show what a character he is by wearing loud ties (the sad fuck), include the assertion that Qassam rockets "are pretty pathetic things really, nobody gets injured, they are home-made". Typical Channel 4 News.

A quick look at the documentary output from Channel 4’s ‘upmarket’ venture More4 clearly shows the underlying leftard agenda:
Carry On Ken - a tribute to director Ken Loach
Death in Gaza
Iraq: the Bloody Circus (a season of films with titles like “Why the Arabs hate the West” and “Iraq: the Reckoning”)
Morgan Spurlock’s Thirty Days
The Michael Moore Season
Out of Status (“In post 9/11 America, things are changing. Out of Status follows four families, each with a member who has been either detained or deported” )
We are the Indians (“The whites always get richer, the indigenous get poorer”).
You won’t find Pallywood or Brainwashing 101 on More 4. And now Channel 4 has moved into radio. If anyone can achieve the seemingly impossible task of outflanking the BBC on the left it’s the wankers at Channel 4.

(That said, I do occasionally watch Channel 4 News to see if Lindsay Taylor is reading the bulletin, which he’s been doing quite regularly recently. The Albert Brooks character in Broadcast News has nothing on him. He talks to the wrong camera as often as not, and the production team have had a terrible time trying to do something about his fidgeting hands. When he first began he would shuffle his papers nervously in front of him in a very distracting manner and the director seemed to be constantly reminding him to put his hands under the desk. This made him look rigid and uncomfortable for the few seconds he was able to resist the impulse to play with his script once again. This constant rigid/fidget routine wasn’t working so they tried zooming in to crop his hands out of shot but that didn’t look right either. They’ve now given him a pen to fiddle with while he’s looking for the correct camera. I'm intrigued to see what they'll try next.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

brainwashing 101 on youtube:

12:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

argh. heres the correct link

12:26 pm  
Anonymous alison said...

LOL have to watch out for that. Didnt Channel 4 produce the soporific 'Road to Gitmo' aswell. They are a bunch of wankers with an edge to al Beeb, agreed.

2:02 pm  
Anonymous JuliaM said...

"Qassam rockets "are pretty pathetic things really, nobody gets injured, they are home-made"."

I suspect the bombs used by the terrorist on 7/7 would meet the definition of 'home made', too. Would he like to suggest that they were pretty pathetic things....?

What a self-opinionated idiot that man is!

2:33 pm  

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