Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Indian bombings

Scores of people have been killed in at least seven near-simultaneous bombs on trains in the Indian financial capital, Mumbai (Bombay), police say.

The city's police Chief AN Roy said on Indian TV as many as 100 people were feared killed and more than 250 hurt.
At least eight people have been killed and 30 wounded in a series of grenade attacks in Indian-administered Kashmir's summer capital, police say.
The BBC won't say it so I will - ISLAMIC TERRORISTS.

Update. Lots more at Pajamas Media.


Blogger Sperestillan said...

Murdering bastards. It just goes on and on.

7:05 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Religious psychopaths. It will just, as you say, sperestillan, go on an on ... until it is stopped. That requires summoning the will to stop it, which a weak-kneed and Islamic-vote-hungry Tony Blair will not do. Neither will Dave Kumbayah.

8:35 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

Re the religious psychopaths who did this, the BBC has generously granted that it may be one of two [Muslim] terrorist groups, although it thoughtfully comes up with a third possibility. It seriously puts forward the notion that it is an Indian Mafia don who organised this death and mayhem. Why? They do not posit a theory.

10:59 pm  

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