Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gordon Brown's Britishness

Oliver Pritchett takes the piss out of Gordon Brown' transient patriotism in today's Telegraph:
We have heard a lot about Gordon supporting the England soccer team, but that has been somewhat exaggerated. He is really much more of a passionate fan of Welsh rugby. Barry John was a boyhood hero. Whenever Wales are playing, Gordon will invite a few pals round to his place to watch it on television over a plate of cockles...

Dylan Thomas has always been a big influence. You often notice it in his speeches. For example, when he was recently addressing the CBI, he referred to the "global, glow-ball, crow-call, interest rate-bobbing economy". This sort of thing comes naturally to him.

I suppose it could also have something to do with his Irish forebears. Oh yes, the Browns of Ballymoney have always been known for their prudence. This Irishness also explains Gordon's love of "the craic" in Cabinet meetings.

Actually, I am surprised more people have not cottoned on to Gordon's Cornish roots. If you listen hard, you can detect that lovely West Country burr in his voice. Another giveaway is his habit of addressing the Governor of the Bank of England as "my lovely".

As well as the whimsical Cornish charm, he also has that hard, determined edge you need to survive in politics. He gets that from his Viking genes, I suppose.

Anyway, it has been lovely talking, but I have to dash to Number 11 now. Gordon's having one of his regular Cockney knees-ups.
Two Labour MPs, George Howarth and Mohammed Sarwar, asked WLQ-related questions in PMQs today. They're rattled.


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