Sunday, July 09, 2006

All you need is love?

Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu has called for the country to fight would-be suicide bombers with love.
Mail on Sunday:
David Cameron is to deliver an extraordinary defence of hoodie-wearing yob teenagers, insisting they needed to be loved - not locked up.


Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...

Perhaps you should stick the prescott head on Cartman rather than a sherriff.

5:23 pm  
Anonymous Verity said...

It wouldn't take much of a shove for me to begin to hate David Cameron as much as I hate Tony Blair.

8:12 pm  
Anonymous Cllr. Gavin Ayling said...

I bet you're tempted to overuse that graphic -- it's appropriate so often lately!

10:44 pm  
Blogger Dagenham Dave said...

While Dr Sentamu is quite right to urge us to Christian charity to our neighbours, I'd much rather the police used Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine guns than broad smiles and a nice cup of tea where would-be suicide bombers are concerned.

1:21 am  
Anonymous alison said...

Second that Dave

Id be more than happy for Cami to come round and 'feel the love' with the hoodies that hang around near where i live every night. For once id enjoy the sight of them pummeling the shit out of someone/thing.

11:04 am  
Blogger DFH said...

I fear I may get some mileage out of the Cartman graphic - especially where Cameron is concerned.

(Oh, and belated congratulations councillor)

7:10 pm  

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