Thursday, June 08, 2006

Zed's Dead

Some responses to Zarqawi’s death on (shaheed/shahid = martyr):
IF its true, Inna Lilahi wa inna Ileyhi Raji'oon. May Allah (SWT) accept him as a shahiid.

Well think of it this way The Death of a Matyr u go straight to Paradise Right?
so cos his been killed in this ways thus making him as a Shaheed
Better then dying a Natural Death Correct?Whereas you get accounted for
isnt this correct?
So yeh its good for him in a strange way!

Inna Lillahi wa inna Ilayhi Raji'un
May Allah azz wa jal grant him Peace and an abode in the ranks of the Shuhadah in the hearts of the Green birds.

Expect the US to extract as much capital as they can from this story ( if true ). I dont think this is a big story really.
What a fucked up mindset.

Update 11.45am. And some reaction from the moonbats on the BBC’s Have Your Say.
I regard Al-Zarqawi's death as a great loss to the people of Iraq, this will mean the invasion of that country by US and UK continues. This mean that Iraq people will leave under US and UK colonisation for the entire life.
Romero Tshetshengwane, Pretoria

Strange. Bush's approval rating has plummeted to it's lowest ever and suddenly an Al-Quieda leader has been killed. VERY convienient
james nobody, weymouth, United Kingdom

The guy has move lives than a cat.... this must be atleast the 4th time he's supposedly been killed.... just in time to save the plunging stock markets.
Skeptical, Skeptical City

has the world gone mad? how is it justifiable to murder anyone? doesn't everyone have a right to a fair trial? and how many innocent children were killed in this air raid? the CIA seems to think they can kidnap and torture anyone they think might be a terrorist. what's next? i think Bush is the madman...and i say this as an american.
Kerry H, London

The 'insurgents' didn't start any war and didn't ask for one, the bombs dropped on their heads first and murdered their families, so now they will continue the war until they have won their country back. My sympathies go to the family of Al-Zarqawi.
Mr Jangles, Kent, United Kingdom
Fucked. Up.


Blogger AntiCitizenOne said...

Let's hope those commentators join Z in hell ASAP.

11:17 am  
Anonymous Clematis Fraud said...

I shall lead this morning's prayers.

May Allah grant him A Big Plate of Chips and an Water-Bed in the ranks of the Martyrs in the hearts of the Green Cheese. May al capone alla chumbawumba e rest fuck yeah in the Cornfields of Allahhhhh's Farm, Peat be Upon Him.

Golly, I would make a fine imam.

Now, will 'Baroness' Jenny Tonge of Dhimmitown lead a minute's silence in the House of Lords, I wonder?

11:25 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it that he's dead. Sorry, folks, I don't care about the "innocent" families and children who went with him. They were supporters. The kids would have grown up to be jihadis. If they didn't want their children to die (and actually, they seem to be curiously indifferent, given how many Muslim mothers send their kids off to be suicide bombers, sof them even talking them through it be cell phone until the final boom) they shouldn't have been anywhere in the vicinity of Zarqawi. They knew who he was and what he did. They didn't turn him in.

- Anonymousette

2:13 pm  

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