Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yet more anti-English prejudice

Michael Henderson, writing in the Telegraph last year:
The most familiar sound of a Sunday morning, it was once said, rather uncharitably, was that of Harold Hobson, the drama critic, barking up the wrong tree. Today any canine parallel would surely involve Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, identified quite correctly in Tom Utley's column last week as one of the major pests of our age.

Shrill, humourless, basted in self-importance and yet utterly unaware of how others see her, this hectoring zealot was in mid-summer form yesterday. An England victory over Australia's cricketers, she droned, would represent a victory for the worst sort of nationalism. Oh dear, haven't we heard all this before?
Indeed, and we’ve just heard it all again - from none other than Michael Henderson in the Observer last Sunday:
Everywhere the flags of St George are flying, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Patriotism is a noble quality, and ideally we should be proud of the sportsmen who play games in our name. But it is hard to muster much enthusiasm for the tribalism that football alone introduces into national life, a tribalism amplified by the bootlickers and cheerleaders of radio and television.
So, for me, it's Germany for the World Cup. They've won it three times, reached seven finals in all, and make the vainglorious English look third-rate. They also gave the world Bach, Beethoven and Wagner, which means rather more than any victory on the field of play. Don't disappoint this Englishman. Come on, you Hun!
Henderson was on the Today programme this morning, along with the BBC news room’s favourite socialist singer Billy Bragg. For once I was on the Bragg's side:
“I think we need a little bit less self-loathing about being English and little bit more celebration about what we do when we do well. We invented football - it’s the second greatest thing we gave to the world after the English language.”
We invented it, but we let oiks play it and that's what pretentious teddy bear huggers like Henderson can't abide. I hope it pisses with rain when he does Glynebourne, the twat.


Blogger Ellee Seymour said...

Hi Drinkingfromhome, what do you think about EU plans to possibly publish warning signs on alcohol, did you know it is dangerous to your health, will it make any difference to your drinkingfromhome during the World Cup?

11:53 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Yazzmonster is a national joke, albeit one in terrible taste. She's absolutely dreadful looking, she's an immigrant who doesn't know her own luck and has the impertinence to think she has something to teach our ancient civilised country. Where did she come from, by the way? Pakistan or one of those other exemplary democracies so liberally scattered around the Middle East and South Asia?

Her husband must have to wear earplugs on a permanent basis, or he is into S&M and gets high on being tortured by his wife's constant high-pitched adolescent take on a world that she just doesn't get.

Stephen Pollard ran a competition for most stupid columnist about a year ago and, against some tough competition, the Yazzmonster romped home (if that is not too revolting an image before you steadied yourself with the first drink of the day).

Question, why does The Guardian publish her vapid, predictable socialist "thoughts" (you should excuse the term)? Why does she manage to slither, every now and then, under a studio door at the BBC? Is this some plot to dumb Britain down to an IQ of one digit?

I assume she donates her fees for spewing her "thoughts" all over the Guardian's editorial pages to "the homeless"? How about "homeless fake Lesbian asylum seekers who go on to rape little British girls"? That may be up her alley.

- Anonymousette

1:22 pm  
Blogger DFH said...

Ellee - one thing likely to make me drink even more is the EU warning me not to.

2:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dfh - I wouldn't give them that much power over me. I would drink as usual, exactly as much as pleases me whether the EU warns me not to or gives me a medal. They should have absolutely no effect whatsoever on your life and you should not allow them to influence you in any way. They are scum.

2:53 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This "I'm supporting anyone but England" is such a tedious cliche. They trot it out every 4 years without fail.

3:39 am  

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